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Alma is an Integrated Library System offered by Ex Libris.

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Alma has been installed in 2,284 libraries, spanning 3,574 facilities or branches)

Alma implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Alma sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Alma

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Sales Statistics for Alma

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Alma
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System2023831452507
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20221391392365
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20211822422261
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20201141772037
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20191021641769
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20181154481543
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20171162661095
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System2016132203829
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System201588220626
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20144377406
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System201331170329
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System20121771126
Alma Ex LibrisIntegrated Library System2011242455

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Alma Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2021 Alma Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS3676.83 976.56997.02726.920000146.93
ILSFunctionality3667.12 967.07997.36726.990000147.29
PrintFunctionality3647.28 957.07987.42727.310000147.29
ElectronicFunctionality3666.80 966.53997.09726.880000146.71
SatisfactionCustomerSupport3656.14 976.04986.40715.920000146.43
CompanyLoyalty3596.76 955.99977.04707.090000147.36

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Documents or articles featuring Alma

Breeding, Marshall. Ex Libris Completes Sweep of Higher Education in California. February 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Ex Libris has now sold its Alma library services platform to all three of the public higher educational systems in California. A recent announcement from the Systemwide Integrated Library System taskforce of the University of California libraries announced the final selection of Alma and Primo from Ex Libris, now part of ProQuest. The University of California system joins the California State University System and the Consortium of Community Colleges in the selection of Alma to provide shared infrastructure for the management of their collections and Primo for discovery and access. Each of these projects on its own would be considered massive; together these three systems represent an unprecedented level of involvement by the libraries in a single governmental jurisdiction with a single vendor.

Breeding, Marshall. Update on Ex Libris Alma. December 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The Alma library services platform (LSP) from Ex Libris, now part of ProQuest, continues to make gains in the academic and research library sector. The product's steady stream of product releases deployed monthly and new implementations by library have become routine. The dominance of Alma in this sector must be seen as the backdrop or context for other events that spark interest but tend to have smaller impact. Alma has seen strong and steady adoption since its initial implementations in 2012, including some of the largest university library systems and regional or national consortia.

Breeding, Marshall. A Progress Report on Library Services Platforms. August 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Although each of the products offers its distinct approach to functionality and technology infrastructure, there are a set of products that have diverged significantly from the well-established category of ILSs. Many of these characteristics arise out of the current technology paradigm centered on services deployed entirely through the Web, oriented to collaboration and social interactions, and powered by massive data stores.

Breeding, Marshall. Shared Infrastructure Projects Gain Momentum. September 2015. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Recent months have seen a number of announcements of large consortia or library systems that have chosen to implement library services platforms in a shared configuration. Ex Libris Alma has emerged as the leading product in this sector, with Innovative's Sierra, OCLC WorldShare Management Services and ProQuest Intota also represented.

Breeding, Marshall. Beyond the ILS: A New Generation of Library Services Platforms. 2013. Robots in Academic Libraries: Advancements in Library Automation. This chapter focuses on the changes in integrated library systems (ILS) over the past thirty years as the focus shifts from collecting physical items to electronic and digital materials. The relationship between the ILS and new specialized applications, including link resolvers, knowledge bases of e-content, electronic resource management systems, digital asset management systems, discovery services, and institutional repository platforms is discussed and placed in context. In addition to looking at workflows with these new systems, a general discussion of how academic libraries are likely to engage with these new systems, the time frames in which we can expect availability and widespread adoption, and any cautions or concerns to have in mind when selecting or implementing these systems.

Breeding, Marshall. Crossing the Threshold: Boston College Places Alma into Production. August 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. On July 2, 2012, the Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Library of Boston College became the first to place Alma, the library services platform created by Ex Libris, into production use. The library migrated from an Aleph system in place since 2000. Boston College had been working with Ex Libris since mid-2009 as a development partner, testing each incremental release of the software, and providing constructive feedback. The library is a member of the Association of Research Libraries, with a staff numbering around 120, and a collection of 3.5 million volumes.

Breeding, Marshall. Ex Libris Marks Progress in Developing URM. January 2011. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Ex Libris continues to make progress on the development of its next-generation library management platform called Unified Resource Management, or URM. This product, which was developed as the company's long-term strategic library automation platform, continues in the research and development stage, with expected release at the beginning of 2012. Although the product is still some time away from general availability, it has progressed from the proof-of-concept prototypes to a functional model. Though preliminary, some versions have been made available to development partner libraries for testing and assessment

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News Anouncements for Alma

La BNE cambia su sistema de gestión bibliotecaria
July 11, 2024 - The National Library of Spain will be migrating to Ex Libris Alma from SirsiDynix Symphony. En las próximas semanas la BNE sustituirá su actual sistema de gestión bibliotecaria, que es la herramienta que sustenta el catálogo en línea, así como la mayor parte de los procesos bibliotecarios: préstamo, catalogación, adquisiciones, gestión de publicaciones seriadas, etc. La Biblioteca ya ha afrontado con anterioridad diferentes procesos de migración de sistemas bibliotecarios, desde Sabini y Ariadna, a finales de los años 80 del siglo pasado, hasta llegar a Unicorn en 2007 y posteriormente Symphony en 2017, sistema al que ahora sustituye Alma.

Universidad San Sebastian joins expanding Alma Community in Latin America
July 5, 2024 - Ex Libris, part of Clarivate announced that the Library Network at Universidad San Sebastian is modernizing its library technology by adopting Alma as its next library management system and will also benefit from advanced library discovery service, Primo. This unified resource management and discovery platform upgrade prepares the university to best meet the current and future needs of both the academic and research community.

University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium launches Alma and Primo
June 24, 2024 - Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, announced that University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium and its member libraries have successfully launched the Alma library management system and Primo discovery service. USMAI becomes the forty-seventh collaborative network to modernize its lib

University of the Free State selects Alma and Primo
February 6, 2024 - Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, announced that the University of the Free State in South Africa has selected the Ex Libris cloud-based unified library management and discovery services platform. Implementation of Alma and Primo will support the library's vision to be a world class digital and virtual information hub for its users.

UNC Library Advisory Council announces selection of Alma
February 6, 2024 - The UNC Library Advisory Council announced that a contract has been fully signed with the Ex Libris Group to implement Alma, an integrated library system, between twelve UNC campuses. This contract includes: Appalachian State, UNC Asheville, UNC Charlotte, Fayetteville State, NC Central, NC State, NC A&T, UNC Pembroke, UNC School of the Arts, Western Carolina, UNC Wilmington, and Winston-Salem State.

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