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Scottish Confederation of University Research Libraries (SCURL): Integrated Library System (2015-07-22)
Organization: Scottish Confederation of University Research Libraries (SCURL)
Contact Name: Allan Doyle
E-mail address:
Phone Number: +44 1413313086
Address: 14 New Mart Road,Edinburgh, EH14 1RL United Kingdom
Type of Product or ServiceIntegrated Library System
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2015-07-22
Closing Date2015-09-04
Other InformationThe Authority is supporting the Scottish Confederation of University Research Libraries (SCURL) in procuring Contractor(s) to a Ranked Framework Agreement for the supply and support of fully integrated Library Services Management Platform systems. The Agreement will be in place for an initial period of 2 years with two consecutive 12-month options to extend and the maximum total duration of the Agreement is 4 years. The Agreement will be available to the organisations listed in the Invitation to Tender including SCURL members and affiliated and associate organisations, and Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges (APUC) and its members, although there is no pre-commitment to use the agreement other than from the vanguard organisations named below. A SCURL Task Force, convened between June 2013 and May 2014,concluded that procuring a Framework Agreement for Integrated Library Platform Systems would be worthwhile and a working group was established to progress this vision. In the spring of 2015 it was agreed that a “vanguard” approach to procuring such a Framework Agreement should be adopted. Heriot Watt University and Abertay University are the vanguard organisations. Heriot Watt University (HWU), as the primary vanguard, provides the scenario against which bids will be evaluated on a Most Economically Advantageous (MEAT) basis and leads the evaluation of responses to the Invitation to Tender. The top three Most Economically Advantageous Tenders will be admitted to the Framework Agreement and the top-ranked Tenderer will be appointed by BOTH Heriot Watt University (HWU) acting as the primary vanguard and Abertay University (AU) acting as the parallel vanguard. Both universities require delivery and support of their next generation, fully integrated, cloud hosted Library Management Services Platforms to be concluded and the systems fully operational by July 2016 (including staff trained). CPV: 48000000, 48160000, 48161000.
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