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University of Wisconsin System Libraries: Library Services Platform (2013-08-12)
Organization: University of Wisconsin System Libraries
Contact Name: 780 Regent St. Ste. 105
E-mail address:
Phone Number: 608-890-3961
Address: 780 Regent St. Ste. 105,Madison, Wisconsin 53715 United States
Type of Product or ServiceLibrary Services Platform
Link to Procurement Site
Date Posted2013-08-12
Closing Date2013-10-01
Other InformationThe purpose of this RFP is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for a Library Services Platform (LSP) for the University of Wisconsin System Libraries. The University of Wisconsin is seeking a solution that will bring the many University of Wisconsin System libraries under a single library services platform. In seeking to bring our many libraries under a single library services platform, we hope to reduce barriers to collaboration in order to achieve economies of scale and to benefit from the deep expertise a large collective of libraries can afford to support. We view working under one system as implying a shared pool of bibliographic and patron records; the possibility of centralizing or collaborating on workflows in acquisitions, cataloging, and other tech services; improved processes for resource sharing across system campuses; opportunities for collaborative collection development; and centralized system support. In these respects, we will behave as one library system with many locations.
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