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University of Connecticut: Library Services Platform (2013-09-30)
Organization: University of Connecticut
Contact Name: Michael Franklin Jr.
E-mail address:
Phone Number: 860-486-4970
Address: 3 North Hillside Road; Unit 6076,Storrs, Connecticut 06269-6076 United States
Type of Product or ServiceLibrary Services Platform
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2013-09-30
Closing Date2013-11-08
Other InformationThe University of Connecticut (“University” or “UConn”), pursuant to its statutory authority under Conn. Gen. Stat. §10a-151b and all other relevant laws, is soliciting proposals from experienced and qualified firms to provide either a combined Web-scale Discovery Services/Library Management System (WDS/LMS) or individually a WDS or LMS that meets the characteristics and functionality outlined herein. The successful firm will demonstrate expertise in providing Web-scale Discovery Services/Library Management System (WDS/LMS) for research universities or educational institutions whose requirements were similar to those described herein. The University is pursuing these systems to consolidate and streamline the existing products and processes utilized by the Storrs and Regional campuses, the UConn Health Center (“UCHC”) and the UConn Law Library. The University will consider both a consolidated solution from a single vendor for a combined LMS and WDS product and for separate LMS and WDS products from separate vendors. It is the University’s desire to be able to maintain the operations and catalogs for the Storrs and Regional campuses, the UCHC and the UConn Law Library through a single LMS and WDS platform, while enabling some customization and capabilities to serve the unique needs of each respective library. This will enable the University to encourage collaboration amongst the three sites, eliminate costs resulting from duplication, and provide a higher level of customer service and value to its various end users and stakeholders.
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