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Ontario Council of University Libraries: Library Services Platform (2015-04-17)
Organization: Ontario Council of University Libraries
Contact Name: Amy Greenberg
E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Address: ,, Canada
Type of Product or ServiceLibrary Services Platform
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2015-04-17
Closing Date2015-05-10
Other InformationThe Ontario Council of University Libraries ("OCUL") is developing a business case for the implementation of shared next generation library services platforms for Ontario's 21 university libraries. We are issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to assess the current market and identify potential partners so that we can move forward with a planned procurement process and implementation in 2016-2017. OCUL requests information from software vendors and other organizations that are interested in and able to provide creative, innovative, and future-driven solutions to help us achieve our Collaborative Futures vision. We have intentionally defined this RFI at a broad level to gain a better understanding of the current LSP market and to assess the options for collaboration between our institutions. Respondents are invited to include any information relevant to the Collaborative Futures project not explicitly covered by this RFI.
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