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MOBIUS: Integrated Library System (2021-11-21)
Organization: MOBIUS
Contact Name:
E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Address: 2511 Broadway Bluffs, Ste 101,Columbia, Missouri 65201 United States
Type of Product or ServiceIntegrated Library System
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2021-11-21
Closing Date2022-02-01
Other Information1. MOBIUS is seeking responses to this RFP for a replacement ILS to our current Sierra system. MOBIUS is seeking a technologically flexible solution that is designed for the work of today’s academic, public, and special libraries and which includes functionality and platform flexibility to integrate future product offerings and new libraries into the consortium. The desired solution will exceed traditional ILS capabilities, streamline operations, provide platform diversity, and eliminate redundancies associated with legacy systems that were designed primarily for management of traditional print collections. In addition, the solution must allow for an easy to use, “Google-like” user experience.
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