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North Dakota University System: Integrated Library System (2018-09-21)
Organization: North Dakota University System
Contact Name: Pamela Nielsen
E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Address: 2000 44th Street SW, Ste. 301,Fargo, North Dakota 58103 United States
Type of Product or ServiceIntegrated Library System
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2018-09-21
Closing Date2018-10-26
Other Information

Our agency is conducting this solicitation for ODIN because the Aleph library application has a shelf life but not an end-of-life date yet. ODIN public/k-12/special member libraries would like to move to system ASAP that is developing and has no shelf life. The solution must cover implementation services, migration and extraction of data, training and documentation for system administration and staff users, data cleanup and any services to users.

ODIN seeks a shared, standards-based Integrated Library System (ILS) that will meet the diverse needs of its public/K12/special member libraries and their patrons. The Consortium includes a variety of institution types and sizes with widely differing patron, staff, and collection profiles, operational requirements, and workflows. ODIN libraries require an ILS with the flexibility to accommodate individual institutional preferences within a common framework that reflects and supports their commitment to collaboration.

The desired ILS will connect patrons with member librariesí collections, services, and expertise and with the larger information universe, including ODIN academic member libraries who have chosen to migrate to Alma & Primo VE (Ex Libris). The public interface will be easy to use, fostering creativity, flexibility, and serendipitous discovery. The discovery service will respond to the needs of all users, from the novice to the expert, applying searches which will locate high quality, relevant content. Search results need to be fast and accurate. The interface will allow individual libraries and the Consortium to customize the user experience.

The ILS will provide library staff with opportunities to improve quality and efficiency. ODIN seeks a unified set of services, streamlined workflows, and elimination of redundancies. The desired system needs to support the acquisition, description, maintenance, and discovery of all library formats, facilitate management of electronic resources, and meet the diverse circulation and resource sharing needs of member libraries. A resource sharing solution connecting ODIN public/K12/special libraries with ODIN academic libraries who will be using the Alma/Primo VE (Ex Libris) Library Services Platform is desired.

Maintaining data security and patron privacy is a core goal for ODIN libraries. The desired ILS will provide robust protection against unauthorized use of library content or of patron data, make available only such information as may be functionally necessary to perform transactions and usage analysis, and retain patron-specific data only as long as relevant library policies and practices require.

Staff of ODIN member libraries require an ILS that offers powerful and flexible analytical tools and delivers both standard and customized statistical data and metrics. The Consortium seeks to provide properly authorized staff members with access to any components of the ILS that they may need in order to do their work quickly and efficiently. ODIN member libraries have a long history of working together to help shape the software that they share. The Consortium requires a vendor with an agile development process that will respond to member librariesí input as they continue to adapt to changing needs throughout the life cycle of the Integrated Library System.

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