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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs): Integrated Library System (2016-08-31)
Organization: Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs)
Contact Name: Marita Roth
E-mail address:
Phone Number: 505-563-3015
Address: BIA SWRO 00007, 1001 INDIAN SCHOOL RD NW, Contracting Office BIA BUILDING 1,Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 United States
Type of Product or ServiceIntegrated Library System
Link to Procurement SiteInstitutional Link
Date Posted2016-08-31
Closing Date2016-09-14
Other InformationThe objective of this effort is to purchase a cloud-based Integrated Library System (ILS); to continue to provide online library services. The increased use of e-resources and e-books means that users are expecting immediate and unlimited access to the content they need when they need it. SlPl must continue to increase its library data capacity to meet the increasing demand for the changing needs of its user base. SIPI Library has a print collection and a population that requires the use of print materials and will therefore need an ILS that offers strong cataloging services as well as customizable reporting that will assist in driving acquisitions based on program and user needs. The ILS must be usable. useful. and accessible to all end users. SIPI Library has a small staff and requires an ILS that will offer management tools to create an efficient work flow that will allow resources to be allocated toward user facing services.
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