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Press Release: EOS International [June 24, 1998]

EOS international's Q Series serials module enters the beta test cycle: offers sophisticated serials control for libraries of all sizes

(Carlsbad, CA - June 24, 1998) Electronic Online Systems (EOS) International announces that the Serials module for its new Q Series client/server-based library information management system is entering the beta test cycle. EOS plans to release the Serials module in September 1998.

The Q Series Serials module controls a library's receipt of journals, series and supplements. It features sophisticated issue receipt prediction pattern capabilities which accommodate a wide variety of regular and irregular publishing schedules. In the Serials module, claims are made for missing issues and routing lists are supported.

The Q Series Serials module is fully integrated with the other Q Series modules (e.g. Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, etc.) and all serial holdings can be displayed in the online catalog.

The Serials module provides the capabilities to catalog a serials title, as well as predict, receive, and claim individual serial issues. The Serials module allows a library to easily control a variety of serial materials such as: Periodicals; Newspapers; Annuals, Reports, Yearbooks, Memoirs; Proceedings; Journals; Transactions; and Monographic Series.

EOS International is a strong advocate for open systems. Thus, the Q Series embraces library and computer industry standards including support for the US MARC Bibliographic format and the US MARC Format for Holdings at the Summary and Detailed level.

The Q Series is flexible enough to handle all types of regular and irregular publication patterns and enumeration. This makes it easy to predict publication dates of materials being received. Available features include: supplements and index pattern levels, entry of patterns in "easy" calendar modes, labeled and MARC format access to the Holdings record, full holdings "completeness of set" description capability and public and staff holdings notes.

The system allows staff to establish an unlimited number of library-defined publication patterns including, but not limited to, weekly, monthly, hi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, monthly, and every four weeks. Merged publications (e.g. monthly with a merged July/Aug) are also supported.

The Q Series provides the full levels of enumeration and chronology supported by the MARC holding record (six levels of enumeration and four levels of chronology). Automatic holdings summaries (Z39.71) are provided, as well as user editable alternative holdings statements.

Q Series Serials is designed to allow you to quickly and accurately checkin serials. Issues can be checked in by entering an acronym for the serial title, ISSN, full title (browse list) or system ID number. If the issue to be received is not the predicted issue, the system can predict and display the chronology and enumeration of future issues.

The Q Series Serials module is fully integrated with the Public Access Catalog. Current checkin and holdings information is automatically available making it easy to see if there are missing issues. The library can build links from the serials bibliographic record to e-zines [electronic journals] using URL' 5.

The Serials module accommodates claiming missing issues and can easily establish parameters for determining dates when claims should be made. You can define the interval between the predicted arrival date and the claim date. The library can specify the length of time that should elapse after claims, before serial titles are reviewed for cancellation.

Control of serials routing is also supported. The system provides for the development and maintenance of routing lists and prompts for the printing of routing lists when the issue is received.

EOS International is a global library information management software and service company. It is a member of the Dawson Holdings PLC group of information services companies. Dawson Holdings PLC is a (US) $1 billion publicly traded information services company founded in 1809.

EOS International's corporate headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California, USA. It has a European headquarters in London and an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore, as well as a regional office in Paris, France. EOS International serves over 6,500 clients in 85 countries, in all types of libraries.

Contact EOS International in North America at 800-876-5484 or +( 1) 760-431-8400, in the United Kingdom at +(44) 171-253-1177, in Singapore at +(65) 323-2950, e-mail or visit our Web Site at

Publication Year:1998
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 24, 1998
Publisher:EOS International
Place of Publication:Carlsbad, CA
Company: EOS International
Products: Q Series
Subject: Serials control
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