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Press Release: Innovative Interfaces, Inc. [July 27, 1999]

Sweden's premier school of business and economics to install the Millennium library system

July 27, 1999. The Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm) has signed a contract with Innovative Interfaces to install the Millennium library automation system. Millennium will replace the library's current LIBERTAS system which was installed and supported for nearly 10 years by SLS Information Systems, now the European Division of Innovative Interfaces.

Eva Thomsoon-Roos, Chief Librarian, commented: "We have been looking for a new library system and particularly for a Web OPAC that could satisfy the needs of our customers. Library use is swiftly changing from being based on the library as a tangible building, to a digital library focused on internet access. Our target users are students within the area of Business and Economics, and this means that we are already serving customers who are accustomed to the internet and its graphical layouts. The challenge to the library lies in ensuring our IT resources are visible in order to increase usage to an even higher degree. This means developing not only an attractive interface, but also a database that fulfils the need for several types of information ranging from books and journal articles, to internet resources and full text material."

"Nearly 10 years of LIBERTAS have taught us to place confidence in SLS not least demonstrated in the support we have had from SLS Scandinavia. Recent contacts and demonstrations of Millennium have led us to a similar feeling of confidence in Innovative Interfaces and helped us choose Millennium as our future system." Bob Radford, Business Manager with Innovative in Europe, said: "My first contact with the Stockholm School of Economics was back in 1990 when I provided the training for their newly installed LIBERTAS system, the library now becomes the fourth Swedish LIBERTAS site to migrate to Millennium, and as with all such migrations, we are very happy to be continuing our long and fruitful relationship".

Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm) is a private university which was founded in 1909 by royal statute, and is the oldest Swedish institution of university standing which offers research-based educational programs in business administration and economics. The Library of the Stockholm School of Economics is the National Resource Library for Business and Economics. The principal collections of electronic and printed resources are within the fields of business and economics, but law and statistics are also covered.

Summary: The Stockholm School of Economics has signed a contract with Innovative Interfaces to install the Millennium library automation system. Millennium will replace the library''s current LIBERTAS system.
Publication Year:1999
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:July 27, 1999
Publisher:Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
Place of Publication:Emeryville, CA
Company: Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
SLS Information Systems, Ltd.
Products: Millennium
Libraries: Stockholm School of Economics
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