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Press Release: IME, Ltd. [December 15, 1995]

IME announces the Q Series

BOSTON--December 15, 1995 -- IME Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of library automation systems, has announced its new range of information management products for libraries called the Q Series.

The Q Series is a group of fully integrated library systems which operates in a Window environment and can handle multiple graphical and text-based interfaces. The Q Series consists of separate focused library systems especially tailored to meet the needs of academic, corporate, legal, and medical libraries. Each Q system contains key functionality specific to that particular library market.

The Q Series contains many enhancements for the end-user. Self-service features for handling reservations, SDI, placing loans, and requesting inter-library loans are all available in Q. The system also offers connectivity to other databases through Z39.50 and S/R interfaces.

Q also supports multi-media. Q's unique architecture makes it possible to integrate textual records with media objects by linking them to the bibliographic record. It is also possible to link media objects, images, for example, to the author or patron record. These multi-media objects may be images, sound, video, and text blobs, etc. They may all be stored together in a single integrated database or may reside in separate files or media such as CD-ROM.

The Q Series offers greater control over technology. Its open systems architecture enables it to be implemented in almost any networking environment such as Novell, Banyan Vines, 3Com etc. TCP/IP support is also available for client/server configurations. The server runs under UNIX or MS-DOS and the clients may run under Windows NT, Windows 95 Windows 3.1, or Macintosh environments.

IME will be debuting its Q Series at ALA Midwinter, booth number 1111.

Publication Year:1995
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:December 15, 1995
Publisher:IME, Ltd.
Place of Publication:London, UK
Company: EOS International
IME, Ltd.
Products: Q Series

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