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Press Release: EOS International [June 1, 1996]

EOS International introduces new client/server system: libraries benefit from open systems, increased efficiency of distributed processing

(Carlsbad, CA - June 1, 1996)- EOS International, the combined company of Data Trek, Inc. and IME, Ltd., announces the Q Series, a powerful, truly open, GUI client/server library automation system. Featuring open systems architecture with full interconnectivity, as well as international standards support, the Q Series provides affordable management of all types of libraries with collections of any size.

"The Q Series offers true client/server distributed processing allowing for efficient information management and data security while expanding user access to information," said EOS International CEO. Scot Cheatham.

The Q Series represents a collaboration between Data Trek and IME, who are now known as Electronic Online Systems (EOS) International. The best of both companies' design concepts and long experience in library technology have been incorporated into the Q Series. The initial release of the Q Series will include modules for Cataloging, Circulation, OPAC, and Powersearch. Modules for Serials, Acquisitions and Databridge will follow soon after.

Featuring support of information industry and international standards: the Q Series adheres to full MARC standards including format integration, USMARC, UNIMARC and international variations; multiple character sets; X12/EDIFACT electronic data interchange, and more. In addition, the Q Series supports communications standards such as TCP/IP for interconnectivity with the Internet and union library environments.

The Q Series' object oriented structure allows for faster upgrades and enhancements. Based on industry-leading development tools such as the open Oracle database, BRS/Dataware indexing and searching tools, and PowerBuilder, the Q Series features truly sophisticated technology. In fact, it sets a new standard for integration, connectivity and access to information while securing a library's investment with industry and third party support.

Additional features found in the Q Series include:

  • E-mail capabilities for system generated correspondence;
  • Hierarchical user rights/restrictions and groups of users with same rights;
  • Embedded full MARC rules, validation, and authority control;
  • Support of simple and complex cross references;
  • Image and other media linking and display;
  • Intelligent processing in unattended mode.
The Q Series features multi-platform support for both the Client and the Sewer. - Client platforms include Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 3.1, while sewer platforms include UNiX or Windows NT. Minimum hardware requirements for the Q Series client include a minimum 486/66Mhz processor with 8MB of RAM (memory) and for the sewer, a Pentium 90 MHz processor with 64MB of RAM.

The Q Series modules for Cataloging, Circulation, OPAC, and Powersearch are planned for release in the 4th Quarter of 1996. Modules for Serials, Acquisitions, and Databridge are expected to be released in early 1997. Conversion options will be available to libraries using other ILS systems and special conversion options will be offered to all Data Trek and IME clients.

Data Trek, Inc. recently acquired IME, Ltd. and together the new, combined company, EOS International, produces four other library automation software product lines: the Graphical Library Automation System (GLAS), a newly released, Windows-based library automation system; the T Series (Information Navigator/TINLIB/TINLAW), a text-based system specially designed to handle the complex needs of larger libraries, the Manager Series"', a MARC compatible, text-based product line for smaller libraries; and the Professional Series"', an integrated full MARC system.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., EOS International has a European Headquarters office in London, an Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore, as well as 40 offices and affiliates worldwide to serve over 6,500 clients in 85 countries, in all types of libraries.

If your readers would like more information about the Q Series or a free sampler diskette, they can contact EOS International, 5838 Edison P1., Carlsbad, Calif., 92008-6596; telephone 800-876-5484 or 619-431-8400; fax 619-431-8448; e-mail; URL:

If you would like more information about this announcement or would like to request artwork, please contact Leigh Connor at the numbers listed above or send e-mail to

Publication Year:1996
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 1, 1996
Publisher:EOS International
Place of Publication:Carlsbad, CA
Company: EOS International
Products: Q Series

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