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Press Release: SIRSI Corporation [March 27, 1995]

Eleven institutions switch to SIRSI: Versatile products and understanding of industry cited as reasons

Huntsville, Alabama (March 27, 1995) - With advances in the computer information field occurring at an exponential rate, how do effective decision makers narrow the field? To obtain the best system for their library and their patrons, institutions conduct a methodical investigation, and take on the role of a "Systems Private Eye." Nationwide, savvy institutions canvas the market, stakeout their target and make the following deductions: things are not always what they seem, and the answer to the mystery is often sitting right under your nose.

Case Study

"Our original motivation for seeking a new system was to move away from our previous mainframe software solution," stated Dr. Charles Lowry, Director of Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University. "We were attracted to the UNIX-based client/server systems and were considering a number of automation providers when we made our initial selection. Knowing what we needed made choosing the final system much easier. The performance that we've seen from SIRSI's Unicorn Collection Management System has exceeded our expectations."

Although a very close contender, SIRSI was not Carnegie Mellon's initial selection. "Ameritech, our previous provider, was attempting to meet our UNIX client/server demands with a new product called Horizon," reveals Dr. Lowry. "We had thus far a reliable performance track record with them and agreed to be the alpha test site. Unfortunately the test system never made it into operation and was eventually dropped, leaving ourselves and other test sites without our product."

Leaders understand risks and know how to resolve issues fast. "We knew all along what we wanted. SIRSI had impressed us with their commitment to enhancing the information arena," continues Dr. Lowry. "An extensive line of versatile products had been one of the key reasons we had considered them seriously in the beginning. We considered their virtual library software product, WebCat(TM) and the high quality of their Graphical User Interface Client, testaments to their understanding of industry trends." Other institutions in a situation similar to Carnegie Mellon's, reached the same conclusion: CTW Library Consortium, comprised of Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University; Rice University; College of William and Mary; Lehigh University; The Sage Colleges; New York State Library; and University of New Brunswick, all switched to SIRSI.

Additional innovations pioneered by SIRSI include: automation based on the UNIX Operating System, the first Library Automation Company to understand UNIX's portability value; first implementation of Client/Server Architecture in the library field, recognizing its value to information management systems; development of VIZION, an exciting new software product that functions as an online research tool featuring the first customizable database for users of the internet and other networks.

Solving the mystery is easy when you've got the right partner with the right tools. SIRSI continues to offer simple advice to the Systems Private Eye. "Happy sleuthing and beware the red herring."

Founded in 1979 by information and computer professionals, SIRSI, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is one of the world's leading suppliers of information automation. SIRSI automates all aspects of information management, from information consortia to the single desktop user. SIRSI systems are installed worldwide in academic, public, law, medical, government, and corporate environments.

Publication Year:1995
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:March 27, 1995
Publisher:SIRSI Corporation
Place of Publication:Huntsville, AL
Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Unicorn
NOTIS Horizon
Libraries: Carnegie Mellon University
CTW Library Consortium
Connecticut College
Trinity College
Wesleyan University
Rice University
College of William and Mary
Lehigh University
Sage Colleges
New York State Library
University of New Brunswick
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