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Press Release: Keystone Systems, Inc. [June, 1999]

Indiana Educational Resource Center (IERC) implements KLAS from Keystone Systems

June, 1999 (Raleigh, NC) - Keystone Systems, a leading producer of library automation systems, is proud to announce that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed at the Indiana Educational Resource Center (IERC) at the Indiana School for the Blind in Indianapolis, Indiana. The IERC converted to KLAS version 5.7 from an extremely complex manual card catalogue system. Staff uses the existing desktop LAN workstations to connect to KLAS. The KLAS modules installed are Catalogue Management, Circulation Control, Holdings Management, Equipment Services, and Patron Services with the enhanced Patron Order Processing function.

The IERC is a centralized depository, providing braille and large print textbooks, aids and equipment, and other specialized materials to eligible blind and visually handicapped students throughout the State of Indiana. Teachers place orders with the IERC, who then prepares, produces or purchases the needed materials. These materials are sent to the schools or to the teacher, and returned to the IERC when the student no longer needs them. The IERC also makes use of the KLAS User Defined Fields to track additional eligibility and funding information on students registered to receive their services.

The enhanced Patron Order Processing allows the IERC to easily track, fill and send out materials. As each order is entered into the system, the staff can check on the availability and format of the desired materials, select the number of copies needed, and determine when the items should be shipped. When new or un-catalogued materials are requested, they are attached to a temporary catalogue record until they are received and entered into the collection. The order is then automatically updated and the materials reserved for the student.

The linking of School Districts (Corporation), member schools (Cooperatives) and their teachers, and students is an important feature for the IERC. Students are linked to their schools, allowing the IERC to easily track the materials that should be at an individual location. The IERC and the teachers are now able to track the inventory more easily, allowing for better service and quicker turn around of materials.

"The KLAS system afforded us the opportunity to automate our procedures, utilizing the latest in barcode and library technology," stated IERC Coordinator Leslie Durst. "Keystone's response at the time of design and implementation, and their continued response to modify our non-traditional library program to meet the specifics of the instructional resource model, has been instrumental to KLAS's successful implementation. As this program continues to evolve, it should provide other resource centers with a useful and valuable organizational tool."

Keystone Systems, Inc. is a seventeen year old company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Through extensive research and consultation, Keystone developers have created a powerful, yet elegant library automation system, KLAS, which has the flexibility to meet the specific needs of special, academic, and public libraries. Keystone's staff takes pride in assisting customers to obtain and fully utilize the best computer systems available. For more information about Keystone Systems or our KLAS products, visit our web site at

Publication Year:1999
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June, 1999
Publisher:Keystone Systems, Inc.
Place of Publication:Raleigh, NC
Company: Keystone Systems, Inc.
Products: Keystone Library Automation System
Libraries: Indiana Educational Resource Center
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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