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Press Release: EOS International [May 19, 1999]

EOS International announces the release of the Q Series Acquisitions module completing the full Library Information Management System: new module makes complex acquisitions tasks mManageable

(Carlsbad, CA. May 12, 1999) Electronic Online Systems (EOS) International is pleased to announce the release of the Q Series Acquisitions module. Fully integrated with the other Q Series modules, the Acquisitions module tracks the purchasing of library materials through ordering, claiming, receiving, invoicing and processing.

A full featured MARC-based library management system, the Q Series provides sophisticated information retrieval with advanced searching options that overcome the limitations of Boolean searching. Additionally, the Q Series is designed to provide a single point of access to the world of information including commercially or internally published documents found on the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets.

The Q Series was nominated for the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in 1998 for its innovative use of information technology and its ability to make information more manageable and accessible to users.

Q Series Acquisitions has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes ordering and tracking purchases of items a straightforward, manageable activity. By employing an interactive, integrated record structure, transactions in one record are also updated in all related Q Series files.

This results in useful, accurate and efficient processing. The Q Series reports the current status of all titles ordered or received and provides constantly updated hierarchical fund account information. It also provides periodic, cumulative fund activity and commitment reports.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer our users the complete released Q Series system. We have designed the Q Series from the ground up to meet their library information management and access needs," said Scot Cheatham, President and CEO of EOS International. "With the Q Series Acquisitions module, ordering and claiming are simple. Accurate and up-to-the-minute acquisitions information is thus available to you when you need it."

As with all other Q Series modules, you can set up the Acquisitions module to meet your library's specific needs without having to rely on vendor involvement or customization. The Q Series Acquisitions module is also capable of accommodating multi-institutional and multi-fund, shared acquisitions. This streamlines the workflow for multi-site libraries.

The Q Series is a client/server-based system. Client workstations require a 100% compatible PC processor running Microsoft 95, 98 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0. The Q Series server runs on Windows NT Version 4.0 or Sun Solaris Version 2.6 running on a SPARC or Sun Enterprise server.

EOS International is a global library information management software and service company. It is a member of the Dawson Holdings PLC group of information services companies. Dawson Holdings PLC is a publicly traded information services company founded in 1809.

EOS International's corporate headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California, USA. It has regional offices in London, Paris, and Singapore as well as over 25 other offices and support centers worldwide. EOS International serves over 5,000 clients in 85 countries, in all types of libraries.

EOS International produces a number of library information products including GLAS, the Graphical Library Automation System, a comprehensive, Windows-based library automation system for small to medium sized libraries. Also available from EOS International is Information Quest (IQ), a Web-based information searching, access and retrieval tool providing access to electronic content.

Publication Year:1999
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 19, 1999
Publisher:EOS International
Place of Publication:Carlsbad, CA
Company: EOS International
Products: Q Series
Subject: Product announcements
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