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Press Release: SIRSI Corporation [June 12, 1996]

University of Virginia to install UNICORN

Huntsville, AL (June 12, 1996) - Sirsi Corporation announced today the license of UNICORN to the University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The University of Virginia was previously a NOTIS LMS site.

SIRSI's Unicorn Collection Management System, using client/server technology, simplifies and improves the process of managing and accessing library holdings. Its UNIX base allows the flexibility of choosing different platforms, all of which operate with the same software. Its modular design enables users to build on the system's core Z39.50-compliant catalog, choosing and configuring additional modules according to local library needs.

The University of Virginia will install UNICORN on an IBM RISC System/6000 host computer. The library will be using WebCat as the interface for patrons and InfoVIEW as the staff interface. In addition to offering a consistent graphical interface to all staff and patron modules licensed by the library, InfoVIEW provides URL hyperlinks from within the UNICORN catalog to multi-media resources.

The University of Virginia is a modern institution animated by the forward-looking spirit of it's founder, Thomas Jefferson. In that spirit, it's library has grown to over 4 million volumes and 46,000 subscriptions, with a staff of 206, including 64 professional librarians. The University of Virginia has over 18,000 students and 1,800 faculty participating in 82 degree programs. The library includes six innovative electronic centers that place it on the cutting edge of information technology. It also contains extensive manuscript and rare book collections that serve the world-wide academic and scholarly community.

Company Background

SIRSI, founded in 1980, is a privately held company with headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. SIRSI develops, markets, and supports information technology solutions for libraries, businesses and archives. With offices in major US cities, and subsidiaries in Canada, the UK and Australia, the company has established its Unicorn products as the leading UNIX-based client/server library automation systems in the world. SIRSI has also responded to phenomenal interest in the World Wide Web with WebCat and VIZION, two products gaining broad support as the tools of choice for exploiting the vast potential of the Internet. For more information contact SIRSI at 689 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL 35806, phone: (205)922-9820, fax: (205) 922-9818, or visit SIRSI's Home Page at:

Summary: The University of Virginia selects Unicorn from Sirsi Corporation. The University of Virginia was previously a NOTIS LMS site.
Publication Year:1996
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 12, 1996
Publisher:SIRSI Corporation
Place of Publication:Huntsville, AL
Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Unicorn
Libraries: University of Virginia
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