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Press Release: Tools 4 Reading [August 11, 2022]

Tools 4 Reading Unveils New Early Literacy Products for 2022-23

Oklahoma City, OK -- August 11, 2022. Continuing to empower educators with the resources to ground literacy instruction in the science of reading, Tools 4 Reading today introduced new solutions for early learners for classroom teachers and parents.

Dr. Mary Dahlgren, founder and president of Tools 4 Reading, said the new products all are designed to help early learners develop the skills necessary to become proficient readers as they progress from Pre-K to the first few years of elementary school.

The early learning offerings, available for fall, include:

  • Talk 2 Learn. These oral language cards and activities can be used by teachers in the classroom to develop strong oral language foundation and robust vocabulary through content themes. This program includes phonological and phonemic awareness exercises related to the themes.
  • Venture Town. This series of eight books is designed to provide essential practice that leads to automatic reading. Simple story lines with engaging, diverse characters emphasize phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, and written responses in addition to social emotional themes.

The early-learning offerings, available now, include:

  • 50 Nifty Activities for 5 Components and 3 Tiers of Reading Instruction. This book provides teachers with activities that are grounded in the Science of Reading and can help teachers make those critical instructional decisions.
  • Sound Wall Classes. Offered this summer, this six-hour fundamentals class is focused on the science of sound walls, their design, and their implementation into your daily phonological awareness and phonics instruction.

"For every stage of learning, we now have classroom resources and training available for educators for the next school year and beyond," Dr. Dahlgren said.

Dahlgren added that another new early-learning solution is due for release later this fall:

  • See Sounds Play: A Phoneme Program for Pre-K. These fun activities develop a strong sense of sounds in our language. Also, these are true reading readiness skills which integrates letter names also. Using photos of the mouth, this set of 12 lessons builds phonemic awareness and beginning phonics for the whole class or small groups.

About Tools 4 Reading

Since its founding in 2010, Tools 4 Reading has empowered educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to ground literacy instruction in the science of reading. Its resources and professional learning experiences are easy to implement and designed to improve literacy instruction. Tools 4 Reading products and training include Kid Lips, Kid Lips Instructional Guide, Sound Wall Solutions, and Phoneme/Grapheme Cards, and The Reading Teacher's Top 10 Tools.

Summary: Tools 4 Reading introduced new solutions for early learners for classroom teachers and parents. The early learning offerings, available for fall, include: Talk 2 Learn and Venture Town.
Publication Year:2022
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Date Issued:August 11, 2022
Publisher:Tools 4 Reading
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