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Press Release: Lyngsoe Systems [March 21, 2022]

Frederiksberg Public Library has become the 10th Danish Public Library to adapt IMMS

Aars, Denmark -- 21 March 2022. Lyngsoe Systems is pleased to announce that Frederiksberg Public Library has become the 10th Danish Public Library to adapt IMMS.

About Frederiksberg Library

With its clean lines, warm red bricks, and evergreen copper roofs, Frederiksberg Main Library is one of Denmark's most beautiful libraries, and at its inauguration on 1 October 1935, it was groundbreaking. Now the classical main library is being renovated for the beautiful rooms to fulfill the architects' vision of a stylish and classical library room once again

Traditionally library collections are aimed to be comprehensive for the community they serve, and for library shelves to display a suitable collection of the literature and knowledge available. Frederiksberg Public library is now rethinking the collection from a user perspective. Because what would the library collection look like, if the starting point is different patterns of use and not the idea of a comprehensive collection?

Surveys suggest, that 1/3 to 1/4 of the users do og contact library staff for help. To inspire this large group, the library is changing the way of presenting the collection in the library room collection. Inspirational tables with curated thematic collections like "crime-universe", "local authors recommend" or "staff recommendations" inspire and entice users to read much more than traditional alphabetical, spine-out, shelves.

This inspirational collection tables will be changing themes often to keep fresh and items on the tables cannot be ordered through holds.

Apart from the inspirational tables (45 of them just in the main library), staff plan a traditionally shelved core collection as well as a rapid order collection near the central sorter for easy managing of items in so high demand, that they are continuously on hold.

About IMMS

The Intelligent Material Management System is a logistical system, which complements your existing ILS/LMS and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your material flow. Utilizing new tools for data collection, items can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location. These tools greatly increase the quality of data, and significantly improve the circulation of your collection. The intelligent distribution algorithm manages and optimizes item distribution in a floating or partly floating collection.

"This way of presenting the collections has a great impact on how the Frederiksberg libraries work with the entire collection management, using real-time shelf management and evidence-based decision making, will also give us better control of the library's stock and will become a faster and more fluid process."

Tina Pihl, Library Director, Frederiksberg Libraries

"Lyngsoe Systems are proud to help Frederiksberg Libraries to meet the most exacting requirements of a modern library, while still retaining the classical library setting. Lyngsoe Systems and Frederiksberg are long-term partners as the library is now on their second Lyngsoe AMH, a Sort Mate 2000 with 40 chutes. The adaptation of IMMS will help the library achieve its goal of a user-friendly and inspiring space while supporting staff in keeping display tables filled, shelves tidy and reservation orders are done quickly and efficiently."

Henrik Kjeldgaard, Senior Vice President

About Lyngsoe Systems Library

For more information about IMMS and other library solutions visit our website or

About Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting-edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and is leading within the radio frequencies identification (RFID) technology. We are devoted to help libraries transform, by supporting them to work smarter and save time on material handling with smart library solutions. We are experts and trusted by libraries in providing automated material handling solutions, self-service equipment, and intelligent material management systems. Our solutions are standards compliant as well as practical, affordable, and innovative. We have our own network of engineers and solution experts, as well as trained distributors, dedicated to libraries around the World. With a proven record of accomplishment with 20.000 installations in over 60 countries, the Lyngsoe Systems team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process, solution design, software development, integration, service, and maintenance. Our ambition is to always offer a market-leading range of products fulfilling our guiding star: "Working for Smarter Libraries".

Summary: Lyngsoe Systems announced that Frederiksberg Public Library has become the 10th Danish Public Library to adapt IMMS
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Date Issued:March 21, 2022
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