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Press Release: Generation Fifth Applications [April 1, 2002]

LAS General Design Principles

  • LAS is written in PROGRESS, a 4GL database management program, which automatically provides these features:
    • Platform independence (virtually any hardware, operating system, etc.)
    • SQL interface
    • Database crashproofing
  • LAS supports both online and batch processing and provides the appropriate reports for accessions, retrievals and refiles.
  • LAS has import capability, and the flexibility to allow multiple parties to process accessions or request retrievals, etc.
  • LAS creates a unique record (on-line) for each item accessioned, and ties the identifier to a similarly unique code for the tray or box in which the item is stored.
  • LAS accepts scanned data entry, thereby minimizing user keystrokes while still increasing processing speed and maintaining accuracy of data entered.

GFA strives to keep its clients self-sufficient by

  • teaching good operational techniques;
  • providing excellent low cost support;
  • delivering source code with our products;
  • maintaining the software, inclusive of end-user modifications.

The basic LAS installation package includes five days of on-site user training. Additional on-site training with telephone backup support is available. GFA warrants its work for a period of 1 year and provides regular upgrades for Annual Maintenance Plan subscribers.

LAS is 100% PROGRESS code and will run on operating systems and platforms provided by all of the major computer hardware vendors. GFA suggests UNIX (Solaris) as the server's operating system because of its file server capabilities. Our client platforms are typically Windows environments. GFA also recommends the open systems approach to modularly purchasing equipment as needed. LAS provides virtually unlimited storage of information. The only constraint is the amount of disk space available, and that can be added as needed.

The typical archival storage facility expends millions of dollars in planning, physical plant and equipment. A state-of-the-art facility demands state-of-the-art equipment, tools specifically designed to the do the jobs required. The software to efficiently and effectively run your archival storage facility is a critical tool that is a small percentage of the overall project cost. It makes sense to have only the best.

Summary: Description of a sample of the functionality and operational support provided by the Library Archival System.
Publication Year:2002
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 1, 2002
Publisher:Generation Fifth Applications
Company: Generation Fifth Applications
Products: Library Archival System
Subject: Executive appointments

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