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Press Release: Coherent Digital [April 22, 2020]

Eileen Lawrence joins Coherent Digital

Eileen Lawrence has joined Coherent Digital, LLC, a new publishing company created with the mission to "tame wild content and make it useful." She is an industry veteran who has worked with academic and public libraries since 1980; a cofounder of Alexander Street Press (ASP), where she was most recently Senior Vice President; and previously VP of Sales at Chadwyck-Healey, Inc.

As Chief Inspiration Officer at Coherent Digital, Eileen will be in charge of sales and marketing in the Americas and will work with the editors and other teams to carry the company's mission forward.

She said, "There are millions of websites, blogs, images, reports, data, and other content in the world, in too many formats to count, that can't even be discovered, let alone cited, shared, tracked, or used for teaching and research. By making that material useful and saving copies in danger of disappearing, we're going to help many, many people."

Stephen Rhind-Tutt, formerly president at ASP, said, "I'm delighted to be working with Eileen again! Her implacable advocacy to meet customer needs will be critical to our future success."

Coherent's first projects are Policy Commons, delivering hard-to-find content from the world's think tanks and policy institutes, and Mindscape Commons, the largest online collection of immersive and interactive VR content in mental health. Memberships will be available soon.

Eileen pointed to the community focus of Coherent Digital's work. "We want to help create a world where all voices are heard, where academics can work together easily to share information, and where important content is not overlooked because it's hidden."

More information about Eileen Lawrence is at LinkedIn. Information about Coherent Digital, Policy Commons, and Mindscape Commons is on the company's website.

About Coherent Digital

Coherent Digital was founded in 2019 by industry veterans Stephen Rhind-Tutt, Toby Green, Pete Ciuffetti and others with a mission to tame wild content and make it useful. We bring order, standardization, and utility to primary sources, virtual reality, born-digital content, web publications, and other content. We seek to do this in an open, fair, collaborative, and socially conscious way.

Summary: Eileen Lawrence has joined Coherent Digital, LLC, a new publishing company created with the mission to tame wild content and make it useful.
Publication Year:2020
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 22, 2020
Publisher:Coherent Digital
Company: Coherent Digital
Subject: Executive appointments

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