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Press Release: Voyager Sopris Learning [September 24, 2019]

Schools, districts, states nationwide increasingly turning to Voyager Sopris Learning's LETRS professional development

Dallas, TX -- September 23, 2019. Voyager Sopris Learning reported today a significant increase in the number of schools, districts, and states using LETRS, the company's landmark professional development that provides educators with the background, depth of knowledge, and tools to teach language and literacy skills to every student.

Authored by Dr. Louisa C. Moats and Dr. Carol A. Tolman, LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) for elementary school teachers is backed by more than 30 years of evidenced-based, scientific research and more than a decade of proven success.

"I commend administrators who are investing in LETRS professional development," said Dr. Moats, a nationally recognized literacy expert who was honored last fall by The Reading League with the Benita A. Blachman Award for Advancing Evidence into Practice. "They understand that teachers—not programs—are indispensable in order for academic improvement to occur."

Company president Patrick Marcotte said hundreds of districts in the United States rely on LETRS as a solution for providing systematic literacy improvement as it "helps teachers understand and apply the science of effective reading instruction." Moreover, he said Ohio, Mississippi, and Alabama are now using LETRS as part of statewide initiatives to improve students' proficiency in reading.

"Administrators who make the commitment to invest in LETRS professional development in their districts and schools are seeing improved reading outcomes and a better opportunity for lifelong academic success for their students," Marcotte continued.

The flexible, blended version of LETRS targets instruction of early literacy and language skills essential for academic success. The content addresses the cognitive processes of learning to read in order to prevent and remediate difficulties for students of every age.

One public school district in New Mexico is relatively new to LETRS yet is witnessing early success.

"LETRS has helped teachers develop a deeper understanding of the latest scientific research on how students learn to read," said Robbie Larriva, curriculum specialist, Gadsden Independent School District. "It has been well received by teachers and administrators because of the knowledge they are gaining. Teachers are incorporating what they are learning into their daily teaching to help close literacy gaps for all students."

The newest version of LETRS, launched in early 2018, includes online instructional videos, journaling, and processing activities as educators build background and a common understanding of comprehensive reading instruction. Video modeling of instruction and bridge to practice supports the transition of effective strategies to the classroom for student success.

An educator at Clayton County (Ga.) Public Schools said her district's move to LETRS has had a remarkable impact. "Going through LETRS, you sit there, moment-by-moment, thinking, ‘I should have known this.' It's the tool to change lives and change communities," said Dr. Ebony Lee, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

"We know that most students can learn to read well if their teachers know how to teach them, but that teaching reading and language is complex and challenging," Dr. Moats concluded. "Further, teachers need time, support, collaboration, and substantive information to get this tough job done. I wish everyone all the best on their LETRS journey."

The LETRS suite of products includes newly-released versions of LETRS for Early Childhood Educators and LETRS for Administrators.

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Voyager Sopris Learning is an education partner committed to unlocking the full potential of every teacher and every student. We believe that the best way to meet and exceed standards in education is to address the underlying systems of teaching and learning, and to nurture those systems at their most fundamental levels. Our programs and services are based on research and classroom evidence, ensuring they are easy to implement, teacher friendly and effective. We offer a variety of digital and blended instructional tools, programs, and professional development, all of which are designed to help every teacher deliver nothing short of the highest-quality instruction to every student. Voyager Sopris Learning is a business unit of Cambium Learning Group, Inc.

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Summary: Voyager Sopris Learning reported a significant increase in the number of schools, districts, and states using LETRS, the company's landmark professional development that provides educators with the background, depth of knowledge, and tools to teach language and literacy skills to every student.
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Date Issued:September 24, 2019
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