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Press Release: Wiley, Inc. [May 24, 2019]

Wiley and UNSILO will pilot AI to transform how manuscripts are submitted and screened

New York, USA and Aarhus, Denmark, May 23 , 2019. John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE:JWa) (NYSE:JWb) and UNSILO have partnered in a pilot to boost researcher capacity for simplified submission and screening of research content using UNSILO's artificial intelligence tools.

An increasing amount of time is spent by authors, editors, and reviewers on submitting and screening research for publication - rather than doing research. It has been estimated that tens of millions of hours are lost every year to inefficient publication workflows. Many of the tasks for preparing, submitting, and screening content are critical, yet mundane, repetitive, and timeconsuming for the people who manually perform them. This contributes to poor researcher experiences, increasing resource demands, and delayed publication.

UNSILO and Wiley are each working on researcher-focused initiatives to address these problems and opportunities, and will now collaborate on testing UNSILO's Manuscript Evaluation software suite. The software performs real-time analysis of incoming submissions with integrity and quality control checks, guides manuscripts to appropriate journals and experts for input, and supports preparation and screening of content in the context of prior research discoveries.

Dr. David Flanagan, Director of Intelligent Solutions at Wiley, said, "at Wiley we're all about trying to improve the publishing experience for researchers. Machine learning powered tools like UNSILO's Manuscript Evaluation software have the potential to do some of the publication checks and analyses on behalf of human authors, reviewers, and editors. This can lead to more reproducibility while saving precious time for what our customers really want to be doing their research."

Thomas Laursen, CEO of UNSILO, commented, "the growth of research output is challenging the sustainability of traditional manuscript submission and screening - ask any author, editor, reviewer if publication workflows are cumbersome. At UNSILO, we are testing and developing leading capabilities to help authors reduce the amount of issues that are flagged during the screening of their preprints or manuscripts, and help editorial teams screen content effectively. Wiley's commitment to researcher needs makes them a great partner to test and evolve our solution software. Our efforts will not just improve common researcher publication workflows, but also facilitate a shift in the upstream interactions between publishers and researchers."

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Summary: Wiley and UNSILO have partnered in a pilot to boost researcher capacity for simplified submission and screening of research content using UNSILO's artificial intelligence tools.
Publication Year:2019
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 24, 2019
Publisher:Wiley, Inc.
Company: Wiley, Inc.

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