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Press Release: Yewno [April 15, 2019]

Jisc Collections to offer Yewno Technology to UK Higher Education Institutions

April 15, 2019 - Redwood City, CA - Yewno, Inc., a leading provider of artificial intelligence-driven knowledge discovery solutions, today announces that they have entered into an agreement with Jisc Collections to offer the Yewno Discover research platform to UK higher education institutions at a discounted rate.

Jisc Collections works on behalf of the UK higher education sector to negotiate and license high-quality digital content that meets the requirements of institutions to support academic research, teaching and learning. They represent the interests of all UK higher education institutions by negotiating the best possible price, terms, and access conditions for licensed digital content, supporting the transition to open access, and sharing knowledge about e-resource acquisition and research.

Yewno Discover is a research and educational tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make research intuitive, efficient and fun while supporting its users with high-quality resources. Yewno accomplishes this by ingesting and reading full text digital content which is stored in their database containing millions of scholarly books, articles, and data points. Users access this content by searching concepts in a visual knowledge graph that allows them to navigate as deeply as they'd like into a given subject and explore related ideas along the way. It is a highly effective method for discovering resources that might have otherwise been overlooked, and ensures comprehensive and credible coverage on any topic.

"Today's students work in an environment that is almost completely digital, with staggering amounts of information available at their fingertips. Yewno Discover provides easy access to the scholarly content students and researchers need, across every academic discipline and level. Our partnership with Yewno will offer them huge opportunities to unlock knowledge and answer new research questions," says Keith Cole, Executive Director, Digital Resources, Jisc.

"We are honored that Jisc has chosen to partner with Yewno to provide our cutting-edge technology to the UK education market. Our goals are similar; we seek to provide quality digital content to students and researchers, and to make that content easily accessible," adds Yewno Co-Founder and Chief BD & Strategy Officer, Ruth Pickering.

About Yewno

Founded in 2015, Yewno is helping the world to uncover the undiscovered through its advanced dynamic Knowledge Graph and AI based inference engine, which introduces an entirely new approach to knowledge extraction. Yewno Inference Engine incorporates machine learning, neural networks, and computational linguistics into an intelligent framework to enhance human understanding by correlating concepts across a vast volume of sources. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and with offices in London and New York, Yewno is backed by leading investors including Pacific Capital and currently has numerous partnerships across the finance sector, top research universities, publishers, and content aggregators worldwide. Yewno was named Outsell's 2017 Emerging Company of the Year, and was chosen from among 250 major disruptors in the global information industry.

Summary: Yewno announces that they have entered into an agreement with Jisc Collections to offer the Yewno Discover research platform to UK higher education institutions at a discounted rate.
Publication Year:2019
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 15, 2019
Company: Yewno

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