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Press Release: Patron Point [April 12, 2019]

Fairfield City Open Libraries leverage Patron Point to meet evolving needs of its community

Dublin, OH - April 12, 2019 - The Company announced today that it has entered into an agreement for services with the Fairfield City Open Libraries of Fairfield City, New South Wales, Australia. Under the agreement, the Library will utilize the company's patron relationship management system.

Our library serves an increasingly diverse community and at the same time our offerings have expanded to include virtual reality, sound studio, and our small business incubator "the Workary", states Paul Scully, Manager Library, Customer Service and Museum Services. "It's important that our communications reach our consumers and effectively communicate the benefits of our collections, programs and services".

Patron Point Vice President of Growth, Ian Downie agrees, "We look forward to working with the Fairfield City Open Libraries and help them grow awareness and drive use of their many innovative offerings."

About the Fairfield City Open Libraries

Fairfield City Open Libraries serves a community of over 200,000 people from 121 backgrounds and speaking 79 different languages. It has successfully positioned itself to be the community's innovative and creative space that fosters new ideas, nurtures creativity, and supports lifelong learning. The diversity of the city drives many of the Library's initiatives including needed services such as form filling, smartbar (where customers learn how to use many library resources via apps), smart pc (where customers can learn the basic computer programs), computer classes for seniors, literacy, and study programs for students. The Library also supports local businesses by providing a startup business facility, called the Workary, and fosters creativity with its Studio where customers can produce their own video and audio recordings. In addition to the physical collection, the Library also provides a wide range of e-formats such as books, magazines, newspapers, audio books and e-readers. It also offers resources to support learning (such as, Mango Languages), to entertain such as Kanopy video streaming, and has extended it operating hours to midnight.

About Patron Point

Patron Point is the first of its kind patron relationship management system built specifically for public libraries harnessing data from a wide range of library systems including the ILS, eBook platforms, event/PC/room booking systems, databases and website to build a unified view of the patron's engagement with the library. With Patron Point, libraries can use this data to segment its audience and produce personalized email and web communications that attract and more fully engage the patron. Libraries can benefit immediately from a foundation of Proven Programs or create their own workflows that are customized to their unique user communities and needs.

With Patron Point, a library can:

  • Make its marketing more engaging and targeted;
  • Drive collection use and program attendance;
  • Deliver a more personalized digital patron experience; and
  • Measure patron engagement across the full range of patron activities.

For more information on Patron Point, see our website.

Summary: Patron Point announced that it has entered into an agreement for services with the Fairfield City Open Libraries of Fairfield City, New South Wales, Australia. Under the agreement, the Library will utilize the company’s patron relationship management system.
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