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Press Release: RMG Consultants, Inc. [January 9, 2019]

AI and the Future of Libraries

(Artificial Intelligence, Library Services, User Experience and Privacy, Intellectual Freedom, etc.) at

RMG's Annual Presidents' Seminar:
The View from the Top
Friday January 25, 2019, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
ALA Midwinter Conference, Seattle
Washington State Convention Center, Room 3A

Topics being developed and critiqued with Panelists include:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • What is the status of AI in Library Systems and Services?
    • In Integrated Library Systems/Library Service Platforms (ILSs/LSPs)?
    • By content providers ?
    • In Discovery Services?
    • Regarding Social Media?
    • Regarding Information Security
    • In Library Marketing?
  • Who in the library industry is building AI-driven voice apps?
  • How and Where are Libraries using AI?
  • How has and will AI impact Library Traditions of Privacy and Intellectual Freedom?
  • How will AI effect Library relationships with
    • Amazon
    • Google
    • acebook
    • Etc.?
  • How will AI effect relationships among Libraries and Library' Customers?
  • How could AI improve library resource-sharing and consortia?
  • How has and might AI improve library user experiences?
  • What about the potential impact of Quantum Computing and Quantum "unhackable" networks that teleport information as particles change their quantum states instantaneously?
  • How will 5G (fifth generation of cellular mobile communications) impact library services?
  • How are/will libraries and library schools offer education and continuing education for AI?
  • Any visions for future AI-enhanced Library Services?

The RMG Seminar is open to everyone for dialogue on topical issues and concerns -- registration is not required.

Attendees are invited to ask questions of Library Industry executives entrusted with delivering platforms and solutions for global library systems, services, and content to thousands of libraries serving millions of library users worldwide.

Participating companies & executives on the Panel:

  • Axiell (Ann Melaerts),
  • BiblioLabs (Mitchell Davis),
  • EBSCO (Tommy Doyle),
  • Innovative Interfaces (James Tallman),
  • Jason Griffey (Affiliate with metaLAB at Harvard University),
  • National Association of College Stores (Bob Walton),
  • NISO (Todd Carpenter)
  • Overdrive (Steve Potash),
  • ProQuest (Dan Ayala),
  • SirsiDynix (Bill Davison),
  • The Library Corporation (Annette Murphy)

Lead-off discussions about AI, Libraries, and the Library Industry will feature 5-minute or so comments and explanations by Evenly Distributed LLC's Jason Griffey (Technology Consultant), EBSCO's Tommy Doyle (Senior Vice President, Strategy, EBSCO Information Services), ProQuest's Dan Ayala (Director, Global Information Security), National Association of College Stores', Bob Walton (NACS CEO)

Rob McGee will moderate the session with assistance from RMG's Geoff Payne (Melbourne Office).

Rob McGee and Geoff Payne (RMG) are library information technology consultants specializing in team-based enterprise learning processes for IT planning and procurement projects and IT Strategic Planning for libraries and Higher Education institutions. RMG helps libraries identify and take advantage of digital opportunities to re-engineer services, processes, workflows, and practices — and to determine ROI in technology choices.

Summary: The topic for the RMG’s Annual Presidents' Seminar will be AI and the Future of Libraries.
Publication Year:2019
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:January 9, 2019
Publisher:RMG Consultants, Inc.
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