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Press Release: Equinox [August 31, 2018]

Equinox migrates Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative to the PaILS/SPARK Consortium

Duluth, Ga., August 30, 2018: Equinox is pleased to announce the successful migration of the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative to Evergreen within the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) SPARK Consortium.

This move includes Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative's libraries with a total of 147,069 patron records and 156,713 bibliographic records. Services provided by Equinox as part of the migration included data extraction and deduplication. It also encompassed the migration of bibliographic, item, patron, and transaction records. Equinox staff administered software configuration and project management as well as remote and onsite training.

"Pennsylvania Integrated Library is pleased to welcome the libraries of the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative to our shared Evergreen system (called SPARK). While some of these libraries are in close geographical proximity, they were never before able to share resources, and patrons were forced to carry multiple library cards.

Thanks to Evergreen all of this has changed creating an enhanced library experience for the residents of Lehigh and Carbon Counties (PA)." Scott Thomas, Executive Director of PaILS/SPARK.

PaILS was founded in June 2011 as a non-profit organization to provide an open source integrated library system. It oversees SPARK, a consortia of Evergreen libraries across Pennsylvania. Equinox and PaILS have been collaborating on the SPARK consortia since 2013.

"The staff at all six libraries were fantastic to work with throughout the process from our first meetings to now," said Rogan Hamby, data and project analyst for Equinox. "I am excited to see the things they have planned for their patrons come to fruition in the near future and glad to be part of making it happen for them."

About Equinox Open Library Initiative

Equinox Open Library Initiative Inc. is a nonprofit company engaging in literary, charitable, and educational endeavors serving cultural and knowledge institutions. As the successor to Equinox Software, Inc., the Initiative carries forward a decade of service and experience with Evergreen and other open source library software.

At Equinox OLI we help you empower your library with open source technologies. To learn more, please visit .

About Evergreen

Evergreen is an award-winning ILS developed to provide an open source product able to meet the diverse needs of consortia and high transaction public libraries. However, it has proven to be equally successful in smaller installations including special and academic libraries. Today, over 1500 libraries around the world are using Evergreen including NC Cardinal, SC Lends, and B.C. Sitka. For more information about Evergreen, including a list of all known Evergreen installations, see .

Summary: Equinox announced the successful migration of the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative to Evergreen within the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) SPARK Consortium.
Publication Year:2018
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:August 31, 2018
Company: Equinox
Products: Evergreen
Libraries: Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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