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Press Release: OCLC [January 31, 2018]

OCLC signs agreements with leading publishers worldwide to make more content discoverable through libraries

DUBLIN, Ohio, 30 January 2018. OCLC has signed agreements with distinguished publishers from around the world to add metadata for high-quality books, e-books, journals, databases and other materials that will make their content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery.

"OCLC partners with international content providers on behalf of our members to ensure discovery and access to libraries' most important and popular resources," said Suzanne Kemperman, OCLC Director, Business Development and Publisher Relations. "This high-quality content is from a comprehensive range of subject areas, including best-selling titles as well as the latest scientific research, in all formats. OCLC is proud to partner with these respected providers worldwide to make diverse knowledge resources available in more than 260 languages through WorldCat Discovery."

OCLC has agreements in place with 325 publishers and information providers to supply metadata to facilitate discovery and access to key resources relevant to researchers, faculty and students. OCLC recently signed agreements with the following content providers:

  • The Asahi Shimbun Company, based in Tokyo, Japan, publishes daily newspapers and provides other services. Its online database, The Kikuzo II Visual, is the largest newspaper article database in Japan, permitting searches of 15 million articles and advertisements from more than 138 years of newspapers, from its first edition in 1879 (Meiji 12) to today.
  • East View Information Services, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information products and services, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic databases, print periodicals, books and microforms. The company serves all geographies and many market segments.
  • Hogrefe, based in Goettingen, Germany, and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry and mental health in Europe. These core areas are supplemented by publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine.
  • Kluwer Law International B.V., part of the Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory group, based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, is a leading global provider of intelligent information and electronic solutions for legal and business professionals, and expert educational resources for law students and professors.
  • Kubikat is the collective catalogue and database of four leading German scholarly research institutes in the field of art history - Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence, Italy; Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany; Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris, France; and Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome, Italy. As the largest art libraries database, Kubikat currently contains more than 1.7 million records including 900,000 articles in scholarly periodicals, conference papers, commemorative volumes and exhibition catalogues.
  • Mergent, based in New York, USA, has been a leading provider of business and financial information on public and private companies globally. Mergent is known as a trusted partner to corporate and financial institutions, as well as to academic and public libraries.
  • Practising Law Institute (PLI), based in New York, USA, is a nonprofit learning organization dedicated to keeping attorneys and other professionals at the forefront of knowledge through its continuing legal and professional education programs, webcasts and publications.

Metadata from many of these publishers will also be made available to users through other OCLC services based on individual agreements. Details about how this metadata may be used in library management workflows will be communicated to OCLC users as the data is available.

By providing metadata and other descriptive content, these partnerships help libraries represent their electronic and physical collections more completely and efficiently. More about WorldCat Discovery and OCLC partnerships is on the OCLC website.

WorldCat Discovery provides over 3 billion records of electronic, digital and physical resources, including articles, books, dissertations and audiovisual materials in support of libraries and information seekers.

About OCLC

OCLC is a nonprofit global library cooperative providing shared technology services, original research and community programs so that libraries can better fuel learning, research and innovation. Through OCLC, member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services. Libraries gain efficiencies through OCLC's WorldShare, a complete set of library management applications and services built on an open, cloud-based platform. It is through collaboration and sharing of the world's collected knowledge that libraries can help people find answers they need to solve problems. Together as OCLC, member libraries, staff and partners make breakthroughs possible.

Summary: OCLC has signed agreements with distinguished publishers from around the world to add metadata for high-quality books, e-books, journals, databases and other materials that will make their content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery.
Publication Year:2018
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:January 31, 2018
Company: OCLC

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