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Press Release: Tech Logic [June 16, 2017]

Tech Logic to Provide AMH to Sarasota County Library System

OAKDALE, MN (June 16, 2017) - In one of Tech Logic's first successes of the new year, Sarasota County Library System continued their march towards updating their libraries by selecting Tech Logic to provide Automated Material Handling (AMH) at the new Shannon Staub Library.

Included in Tech Logic's solution were specifications for a 9 SmartBin UltraSort with fire suppression and 14 SmartBins. The system for the Shannon Staub Library branch, makes the sixth Tech Logic AMH installed in the Sarasota County Library System.

Tech Logic, a USA-based manufacturer, is currently building the 9 bin UltraSort in Oakdale, Minnesota. Once completed, the AMH, along with 14 SmartBins, will be shipped to Sarasota County in the fall of 2017.

Library Director Sarabeth Kalajian commented on the new library and relationship with Tech Logic, "We continue to rely on a strong partnership with Tech Logic at every step along our path to enhance services to library customers and implement efficiencies for our exemplary staff, Excellent customer service is a philosophy to which we are committed, and we look for vendors like the Tech Logic team that are responsive and support our efforts to successfully meet our service goals."

Gary Kirk, President of Tech Logic, noted, "It's been a great honor and a privilege to work with Sarabeth and her team over the years. Their efforts in making Sarasota one of the best library systems in America is really paying off and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with Sarasota County Library System.

About Tech Logic

Focused exclusively on serving libraries, Tech Logic was the first company to implement Library sorting / automated materials handling (AMH) and remains the leader in the industry. Tech Logic has served patrons and staff alike for 20 years by offering the most innovative and reliable solutions in conjunction with its Library partners. A proud Minnesota family-owned business, Tech Logic has built a quality reputation for delivering streamlined, cost-effective and people centric patented products and processes that enhance the user experience for all members of the Library community.

Summary: Sarasota County Library System selected Tech Logic to provide Automated Material Handling at the new Shannon Staub Library.
Publication Year:2017
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 16, 2017
Publisher:Tech Logic
Company: Tech Logic
Libraries: Shannon Staub Library

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