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Press Release: OCLC [June 14, 2017]

OCLC Research and LIBER to launch collaborative information management study

DUBLIN, Ohio, 13 June 2017—OCLC Research and LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, will launch a collaborative project to explore the adoption and integration of persistent identifiers (PIDs) in European research information management (RIM) infrastructures.

The project will complement and extend previous research institution-scale implementations of RIM in European institutions. The study will provide university and research library leaders with useful insights on emerging practices and challenges in research management at institutional, group, national and transnational scales.

"We are delighted to be working with LIBER on this initiative," said Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC Chief Strategist and Vice President, Membership and Research. "OCLC Research is interested in how the library is promoting and engaging with broader research support initiatives on campus and nationally. And we have a growing body of work on issues around research data management and research information management. Our collaboration with LIBER allows us to extend this work and to collaborate with leading European libraries on a topic that is increasingly important for us all."

"The joint OCLC-LIBER study focuses on persistent identifiers, which have a central role in research data management," said Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, President of LIBER and Director of National Network Services at the National Library of Finland. "Both OCLC and LIBER support libraries in the development of digital, open services and this collaboration brings added value to both organizations."

Research institutions throughout Europe are engaged in research information management practices to aggregate, curate and utilize information about the research conducted at their institutions. These efforts are rapidly scaling nationally and transnationally, as advancing technologies, standards, and networked information offer new opportunities for interoperability and discoverability.

In this particular collaborative research effort, the organizations will examine research information management practices in three European national contexts—Finland, Germany and the Netherlands—with close attention to the adoption and integration of PIDs and their role in supporting disambiguation and interoperability. Through a series of semi-structured interviews with practitioners and stakeholders within universities, national libraries and collaborative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organizations, they will develop robust case studies of national RIM infrastructure as well as specific examples of RIM practices and PID integration.

A presentation about this project is planned for the 46th LIBER Annual Conference in Patras, Greece, 5-7 July 2017. More information about this project is on the OCLC Research website.


LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries) is the main network for research libraries in Europe. Founded in 1971, the association has grown steadily to include more than 400 national, university and other libraries from over 40 countries. Together, LIBER represents the interests of European research libraries, their universities and their researchers in several key areas. LIBER continues to develop its network of national, university and other research libraries in Europe. Learn more about joining LIBER.

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Summary: OCLC Research and LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, will launch a collaborative project to explore the adoption and integration of persistent identifiers (PIDs) in European research information management (RIM) infrastructures.
Publication Year:2017
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 14, 2017
Company: OCLC

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