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Press Release: OCLC [February 17, 2017]

Fachhochschule Münster takes library management to the cloud with OCLC WorldShare Management Services

OBERHACHING, Germany, 17 February 2017—OCLC and the library of Münster University of Applied Sciences announced today that FH Münster is now live with OCLC's cloud-based WorldShare Management Services (WMS).

FH Münster's decision last March to adopt WMS as its library management system was followed by a period of preparation and training. The migration from SISIS-SunRise to the new system began in mid-December, and the library was able to begin operations with WMS on schedule in January.

WMS is a comprehensive, cloud-based library services platform that integrates all workflows including cataloging, acquisitions, licensing and circulation through a single staff user interface. Each application shares common data routines, making it possible to access user data, loan, title/item data, acquisition data, and license information quickly and easily without re-keying information common across all modules.

Connecting WMS to the university's LDAP authentication system was critical to the success of the FH Münster implementation. APIs available through the WorldShare technology platform make it possible for WMS to be easily integrated with the student registry, ensuring that the principle of "one identifier for everything" could be achieved and extended with the inclusion of the student's library account and self-issue system.

"In former times, an ‘integrated library system' meant only that a common set of databases were used. With WMS, it is a real integrated library system," said Carmen Hüning, Dipl.-Bibl. at FH Münster. "Working with WMS is so fluid, and transactions are recorded so quickly that it has exceeded our expectations."

"After the successful migration from SISIS-SunRise, we are delighted to go into production on time with WorldShare Management Services. These days, modern and reliable systems are needed to meet the immense challenges faced by the libraries," explained Dr. Bruno Klotz-Berendes, head of the library of Münster University of Applied Sciences. "With the move to WMS, we have created the basis for efficiently managing our electronic resources, which are gaining an ever-increasing share of the attention of our staff and students at the Münster University of Applied Sciences."

"We are delighted that FH Münster is the first SISIS-SunRise user in Germany to go live with WMS, exactly according schedule," said Eric van Lubeek, Vice President, Managing Director OCLC EMEA and APAC. "We are especially grateful for the professional cooperation between our specialists and the FH Münster implementation team. This collaboration made a smooth and fast implementation possible. FH Münster is breaking ground for more libraries in Germany to migrate to WMS."

Since the introduction of WMS five years ago, more than 500 libraries spanning six continents have selected WorldShare Management Services. WMS makes it possible for libraries to share bibliographic records, publisher and knowledge base data, and more. With WorldCat at its foundation, WMS enables libraries to draw on the collaborative data and work of libraries worldwide for more efficient workflows. WMS also provides libraries with the unique opportunity to share innovation, applications, infrastructure, vision and success in serving their users.

More about WorldShare Management Services is on the OCLC website.

About the library of Münster University of Applied Sciences

The library of Münster University of Applied Sciences was founded with the foundation of the Fachhochschule in 1971. Its primary task is the provision of information to students, teachers and researchers at the Fachhochschule Münster with electronic or printed information. It organizes access to all types of printed and digital media, as well as multimedially processed data and information for the subjects and courses at the Fachhochschule. It is the first point of contact for more than 14,000 students and apprentices looking for information.

About OCLC

OCLC is a nonprofit global library cooperative providing shared technology services, original research and community programs so that libraries can better fuel learning, research and innovation. Through OCLC, member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services. Libraries gain efficiencies through OCLC's WorldShare, a complete set of library management applications and services built on an open, cloud-based platform. It is through collaboration and sharing of the world's collected knowledge that libraries can help people find answers they need to solve problems. Together as OCLC, member libraries, staff and partners make breakthroughs possible.

Summary: and the library of Münster University of Applied Sciences announced today that FH Münster is now live with OCLC's cloud-based WorldShare Management Service.
Publication Year:2017
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:February 17, 2017
Company: OCLC
Products: WorldShare Management Services
Libraries: Fachhochschule Münster
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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