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Press Release: Biblionix [November 17, 2016]

Unprecedented leveraging of ILS/LSP resources with libraries' websites

Austin, Texas November 16, 2015 Biblionix, the award winning and leading provider of automation solely for public libraries, today announced unprecedented integration opportunities for all customers' websites. These opportunities for the Apollo Library Services Platform (LSP) enhance security, add pizzazz, and increase user access to resources. They are possible for all Apollo customers due to the powerful multi-tenant architecture of Apollo. They empower customers to:

  • Host their public catalog on the library's domain instead of Biblionix's
  • Add cover image crawls of a variety of types
  • Add links to premium e-resources that authenticate with Apollo

These capabilities are easily deployed using three simple yet powerful setup pages in Apollo.

"Hosting our own catalog and deploying e-resource links that authenticate with Apollo let us take security and control to levels unheard of in other systems," said Thomas Sycko of the Harrison Township Library in Michigan. "and it was so easy!"

Host the public catalog on the library's domain:

This increases security as well as confidence of patrons. Instead of a catalog URL being of the form, the library can use its own domain. For example, Alliance Public Library's catalog now lives at Patrons can know that they are actually connecting to their library, not to a company that they don't know. Using the Apollo configuration page, customers can make this happen with simplicity and very little technical knowledge.

Add cover image crawls:

Such a "book river" is a very powerful visual enhancement to a library's website. A crawl can display new titles, titles of a certain subject, booklists, hot/recently-checked-in items, search results, or titles in a material type. For a new titles crawl, it's as simple as copying two lines of html from the setup page to the website editor.

Add single-sign-on authentication to premium/e-resource links:

The library and/or the library's state agency pays good money for premium e-resources. Helping patrons access them easily is a key to delivering value. And preventing un-authorized access can be just as important. Apollo customers have always been able to configure such e-resources within the catalog, allowing patrons to easily access virtually any resource using only their catalog login. With Apollo's new website authentication feature, librarians can extend this functionality to their website. That means:

  • When a new e-resource is configured in Apollo it can automatically appear on the library's website.
  • Access can be easily blocked by patron type.
  • No need for patrons to keep track of the library's username or password for numerous e-resources.
  • All e-resources provided by the library are accessible with only the patron's normal catalog login.

Here is an example from the website of the Harrison Township Library in Michigan (

With just a single remote login (Single Sign-on), patrons can access all other premium, e-resource links with one-click. There are a variety of choices of which individual or group of premium resources to display. Staff can easily add these links by copy/pasting from the custom setup page and adapting them as necessary.

All capabilities are available now for all customers at no charge.

For more information, contact Dick Moeller at

About Biblionix, LLC

Biblionix is located in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2003. The family-owned company is devoted solely to public libraries. This singular focus lets its Apollo ILS excel at delighting just one type of customer. In fact, Apollo has won the Product of the Year Award 2016, from Modern Library Awards. In addition to the above award, this is borne out by six consecutive years of top-of-the-charts ratings for Apollo in the annual "Perceptions" survey by Marshall Breeding. All Biblionix staff members have worked or volunteered at their own public library.

Summary: Biblionix announced unprecedented integration opportunities for all customers' websites. These opportunities for the Apollo Library Services Platform enhance security, add pizzazz, and increase user access to resources.
Publication Year:2016
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 17, 2016
Company: Biblionix
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