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Press Release: DuraSpace [June 29, 2016]

DuraSpace announces Jonathan Markow's retirement

Austin, TX The DuraSpace organization today announced Jonathan Markow's retirement from his position as Chief Strategy Officer for DuraSpace, effective November, 2016.

CEO Debra Hanken Kurtz said, "With heavy hearts and a deep appreciation for everything that Jonathan has accomplished for our community and our organization during his tenure at DuraSpace, we wish our friend and colleague every success and much happiness."

Jonathan Markow joined DuraSpace in March, 2011 as Chief Strategy Officer. He brought years of experience in open source software strategy and community leadership to the position.

His time at DuraSpace was marked by several key achievements. He helped design the first formal governance structure around a new membership model in collaboration with community stakeholders in 2013-2014. The initiative clarified that the key reason for institutions to "join" DuraSpace was to play a leading role in our shared digital future based on principles of openness, inclusion and sustained contribution. Markow suggested that it was in the mutual interest of DuraSpace members, partners and stakeholders to participate together in sustaining open source projects that enable preservation, access to, and discovery of the world's intellectual, cultural and scientific heritage. At the 2014 DuraSpace Summit he said, "The membership concept is consistent with DuraSpace's evolving governance models because it affords members more of a say in the strategic direction and oversight of the projects." More than 150 DuraSpace member organizations now help sustain DSpace, Fedora and VIVO. Markow also initiated a Corporate Sponsorship program and has coordinated and expanded the Registered Service Provider program.

Prior to joining DuraSpace he served as Executive Director of JASIG, the non-profit organization providing stewardship for open source software projects created by and for the benefit of higher education. Jonathan helped JASIG become a non-profit corporation with a membership model and then took on the position of ED. During his three years in this role, JASIG was the home for applications such as uPortal and uMobile, the higher ed institutional portal; CAS, the Central Authentication Service providing single sign-on for web applications; and Bedework, the enterprise web calendar. Before leaving JASIG, Jonathan advocated for its merger with the Sakai Foundation, which resulted in the creation of Apereo.

Jonathan has also served as the Assistant Vice President of Administrative Information Services at Columbia University, where he worked for twenty-three years in a variety of roles within the administrative information technology organization.

When Jonathan closes the DuraSpace chapter of his career he will resume a performing career as a jazz pianist in his new home—Durham, North Carolina.

Summary: The DuraSpace organization today announced Jonathan Markow's retirement from his position as Chief Strategy Officer for DuraSpace, effective November, 2016.
Publication Year:2016
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 29, 2016
Company: DuraSpace

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