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Press Release: Equinox [April 29, 2016]

Iredell County Public Library and Henderson County Public Library migrate to Evergreen

Equinox is proud to announce that NC Cardinal , one of the largest Evergreen Consortia, now has two new members. Iredell County Public Library and Henderson County Public Library were recently migrated to Evergreen. These two additions bring NC Cardinal's total library count to 143.

Henderson County has six branches and migrated over 185,000 bib records along with almost 72,000 patrons. Iredell County has three branches and migrated 173,000 bib records and almost 41,000 patrons. Equinox performed the migration and data extract and will continue to provide support and training. Both libraries are now using Acquisitions within NC Cardinal.

Trina Rushing, Director at Henderson County, had this to say about the move: "It was a pleasure working with Equinox throughout our migration process. The staff were exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to work with us to configure our data and settings in a manner that would most benefit our community. The administration is thrilled with the cost savings that the Evergreen ILS provides and our patrons are delighted with the resource sharing opportunities. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Peggy Carter, Assistant Director at Iredell County, added: "We're excited to be a part of the NC Cardinal community and are looking forward to beginning resource sharing. We have enjoyed working with the NC Cardinal migration team and the Equinox staff members who helped with our migration. We have been "live" on NC Cardinal for a little more than a week now and I think we are proceeding nicely. We love being part of the Nest."

Erica Rohlfs, Project Manager for Implementation at Equinox, remarked: "Henderson and Iredell were amazing groups to work with during their migrations! Many staff members played an active role in the two projects. Henderson and Iredell are two sophisticated groups of librarians who thoroughly tested their data and quickly acclimated to Cardinal."

About Equinox Software, Inc.

Equinox was founded by the original developers and designers of the Evergreen ILS. We are wholly devoted to the support and development of open source software in libraries, focusing on Evergreen, Koha, and the FulfILLment ILL system. We wrote over 80% of the Evergreen code base and continue to contribute more new features, bug fixes, and documentation than any other organization. Our team is fanatical about providing exceptional technical support. Over 98% of our support ticket responses are graded as "Excellent" by our customers. At Equinox, we are proud to be librarians. In fact, half of us have our ML(I)S. We understand you because we *are* you. We are Equinox, and we'd like to be awesome for you.

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About Evergreen

Evergreen is an award-winning ILS developed with the intent of providing an open source product able to meet the diverse needs of consortia and high transaction public libraries. However, it has proven to be equally successful in smaller installations including special and academic libraries. Today, almost 1200 libraries across the US and Canada are using Evergreen including NC Cardinal, SC Lends, and B.C. Sitka.

For more information about Evergreen, including a list of all known Evergreen installations, see

About Sequoia

Sequoia is a cloud-based library solutions platform for Evergreen, Koha, FulfILLment, and more, providing the highest possible uptime, performance, and capabilities of any library automation platform available. Sequoia was designed by Equinox engineers in order to ensure that our customers are always running the most stable, up to date version of the software they choose.

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Summary: Equinox announced that NC Cardinal , one of the largest Evergreen Consortia, now has two new members. Iredell County Public Library and Henderson County Public Library were recently migrated to Evergreen. These two additions bring NC Cardinalís total library count to 143.
Publication Year:2016
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 29, 2016
Company: Equinox
Products: Evergreen
Libraries: Iredell County Public Library
Henderson County Public Library
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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