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Press Release: Ingram Content Group [March 1, 2016]

Ingram Publisher Services adds Aperture

NASHVILLE, TENN. (March 1, 2016) -- Ingram Publisher Services Inc., an Ingram Content Group company, today announced the addition of Aperture to its publisher client list.

Mark Ouimet, vice president and general manager, Ingram Publisher Services, said, "We admire Aperture for their leading role in connecting the photo community with the most inspiring work and are delighted to welcome them as a client of Ingram Publisher Services."

Aperture has signed with Ingram for sales and distribution to the book trade beginning on July 30.

Aperture has been a leading voice in the photography world since 1952. Founded by a roll call of the medium's notable figures, including Minor White, Beamont Newhall, Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, Aperture initially published only its quarterly magazine.

They began to publish a list of photobooks in the 1960s, quickly establishing their reputation as the great American photography publisher, now with 700 books on their list, including first books by Diane Arbus, Sally Mann and Nan Goldin.

Aperture today publishes about 30 new books each year in a list that combines the work of emerging artists alongside photography's classics, and with an extensive backlist. Aperture magazine continues to lead its field, tackling major themes of the medium today.

"We're a growing publisher," says Chris Boot, Aperture's Executive Director. "We're where we are today because of the work of the incredible team at DAP, who have been a great distributor for us for the last decade. We truly appreciate the role they've played in our history and development. But as we contemplate the challenges and opportunities ahead of us, in a changing retail environment, and with a strong niche list, we are thrilled to begin working with the Ingram team. Photography's such an exciting place right now, with so many new enthusiasts and many great opportunities to build our audience. Our job is to inspire people to take their interest in photography further, through meaningful and authentic publications, and we believe Ingram is the right partner for us for the next decade."

Aperture also announces the appointment of Richard Gregg as its new sales director, books. Richard comes to Aperture after four years as director of retail sales operations at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and, before that, seven years in various roles, including business development manager at Phaidon Press.

About Ingram

Ingram Content Group Inc. is a subsidiary of Nashville-based Ingram Industries Inc. The company got its start in 1964 as a textbook depository and has since grown and transformed into a comprehensive publishing industry services company that offers numerous solutions, including physical book distribution, print-on-demand and digital services. Committed to the success of its partners, Ingram works closely with publishers, retailers, libraries and schools around the world to provide them with the right products and services to help them succeed in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of content publishing. Ingram's operating units are Ingram Book Company, Lightning Source Inc., VitalSource Technologies Inc., Ingram Periodicals Inc., Ingram International Inc., Ingram Library Services Inc., Spring Arbor Distributors Inc., Ingram Publisher Services Inc., Tennessee Book Company LLC, and ICG Ventures Inc. Learn more about Ingram Content Group at

About Aperture

Aperture is a not-for-profit foundation, connecting the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other in print, in person and online. Created in 1952 by photographers and writers as "common ground for the advancement of photography," Aperture today is a multi-platform publisher and photography center, based in Chelsea, New York. Each year, Aperture publishes four thematic issues of Aperture magazine ("the magazine of photography and ideas"), approximately thirty new books, two issues of The PhotoBook Review, a photography collectors' print program, and an online publishing program and blog. Complementary to its publishing activities, Aperture mounts six major exhibitions at its New York gallery, with an extensive national and international exhibition touring program; runs several awards and prizes including the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards (awarded in Paris each November); has a thriving membership program that offers social events and exclusive opportunities to engage with artists; and offers an extensive program of talks, events, workshops, and other participation and educational activities, in New York at venues nationally and internationally. For more information about Aperture's history, visit For information about Aperture's publishing and other programs, visit

Summary: Ingram Publisher Services Inc., an Ingram Content Group company, today announced the addition of Aperture to its publisher client list.
Publication Year:2016
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:March 1, 2016
Publisher:Ingram Content Group
Company: Ingram Content Group

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