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Press Release: Ex Libris [November 12, 2015]

Ex Libris Alma and Primo are live at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences

Hamburg, Germany—November 12, 2015. Ex Libris Group, a leading global provider of cloud based solutions for higher education, is pleased to announce that the Ex Libris Alma library management service is live in operation at Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW Dresden).

Alma was selected by the library to improve management of all types of resources under a unified, user-friendly interface and to make them immediately searchable via the new Primo discovery and delivery solution. "We want to take into account the changed user behaviour of students within the library," said Petra-Sibylle Stenzel, Head of the Library.

"While the lending of print media is steadily declining, we are seeing growth in the use of databases, e-books and electronic journal articles," Frau Stenzel continued. "This places new demands on the library staff and it makes their roles as guides through the information jungle and mediators of media literacy more important than ever. Thanks to Alma they will have more time for this in the future."

The HTW Dresden is the second university library in Germany to go live with Alma, following HTWK Leipzig. "We are delighted about the unified media management; the increased possibilities for communication and cooperation in teams and in networks; with the analytical tools which facilitate needs-based acquisition; and in particular with the new services that we can offer our users in the future," concluded Frau Stenzel.

"I am very pleased to see Alma live and operational at HTW Dresden," remarked Ofer Mosseri, corporate vice president and general manager of Ex Libris Europe. "The adoption of Alma in Germany and Austria continues to accelerate, and the German-speaking Alma community will soon be a major part of the global Alma community."

About the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (HTW Dresden)

Dresden University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1992 and consists of eight faculties, with approximately 170 professors and more than 5,000 students. Engineering, economics, design, and "green" disciplines constitute the four pillars on which more than 40 forward-looking diploma, bachelors, and masters degree programs are based. The library is one of the University's central institutions. It is not only a scientific library for studying, teaching, and research but is also available to the people of Saxony for their general and professional education. User-friendliness is the main focus of the library.

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About Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a leading global provider of cloud-based and on-premises solutions for higher education. Offering SaaS implementations for the management and discovery of the full spectrum of library materials, as well as mobile campus services for driving student engagement and success, the Company serves over 5,600 customers in 90 countries. Ex Libris solutions are deployed at 43 of the top 50 universities worldwide and more than 40 national libraries.

With the Ex Libris Alma resource management service and Primo discovery and delivery solution, libraries lower operational costs, increase efficiency, and add value to their institution through diverse new services and collaboration with other libraries and organizations. The Ex Libris campusM mobile platform enables universities to deliver a unified digital experience, promoting student engagement while providing mobile access to campus-wide information and services.

Summary: Ex Libris announced that the Ex Libris Alma library management service is live in operation at Dresden University of Applied Sciences.
Publication Year:2015
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 12, 2015
Publisher:Ex Libris
Company: Ex Libris
Products: Alma
Libraries: Dresden University of Applied Sciences
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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