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Press Release: Ex Libris [November 2, 2015]

The Shanghai Library selects Ex Libris Rosetta

Beijing, ChinaŚNovember 2, 2015. Ex Libris Group, a world leader in the provision of library automation and preservation solutions, is pleased to announce that the Shanghai Library has adopted the Ex Libris Rosetta digital management and preservation solution, joining over 100 institutions worldwide that have chosen Rosetta.

One of the world's largest public libraries, the Shanghai Library will use Rosetta to manage and preserve both digitized records such as ancient books, sound recordings, and archives, and born-digital collections of web sites and film. Through its digitization program Shanghai Library provides access to rare books; manuscripts; genealogy resources; the Sheng Xuanhuai Archives; books and journals published in the Republic period; and the North China Daily News. Rosetta's support for multiple languages and its customized Chinese interface will enable library staff to deposit diverse content into the system, drawn from a wealth of original materials. As a result Rosetta will support the Library's mission to expose a wide range of rich Chinese heritage to the world.

"We chose Rosetta to support our extensive program of digitization across the library, and to enable us to provide long-term access to our exceptional collections for the public," Dr. Wei Liu, deputy director of the Shanghai Library, commented. "Rosetta was the only solution on the market that supports the whole spectrum of digital asset management and preservation, from ingest and export, to collection management and publishing. We are looking forward to working closely with the Ex Libris China team during the implementation."

"We are proud to welcome Shanghai Library to the international Rosetta community," remarked Ziv Benzvi, vice president, Ex Libris Asia Pacific. "As a new member of the Ex Libris family, the Library will have much expertise to contribute to the Rosetta user community, and we hope it will benefit from the highly collaborative environment among both Rosetta users and the active community of Ex Libris user-institutions in China."

About Rosetta

Installed in libraries and archives worldwide, Rosetta encompasses the entire digital asset management and preservation workflow, including the acquisition, validation, ingest, storage, preservation, and delivery of digital objects. Rosetta enables academic institutions as well as libraries, archives, and other memory institutions to manage, preserve, and provide access in perpetuity to institutional documents, research output in digital formats, digital images, websites, and other digitally born and digitized materials. For more information, see

About Shanghai Library

In 1995, the Shanghai Library (founded in 1952) and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai (established in 1958) merged to become a comprehensive research public library and center for industrial information. It is also the branch of the National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project in Shanghai, the main library of the Shanghai Central Library System, Shanghai Ancient Books Protection Center and the "Pioneer Technology Development Research Center" of the Shanghai soft science research base. The Shanghai Library now has a collection of over 53 million items in Chinese and foreign languages, including such unique resources as rare books, letters and rubbings, celebrity manuscripts, genealogical records and local histories, Western rare books, sheet music, modern newspapers and periodicals, and patents and standards. The library has a total area of 127,000 square meters, with numerous open spaces, such as reading rooms, academic activity rooms, lecture halls and exhibition halls. For more information, see

About Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a leading global provider of cloud-based and on-premises solutions for higher education. Offering SaaS implementations for the management and discovery of the full spectrum of library materials, as well as mobile campus services for driving student engagement and success, the Company serves over 5,600 customers in 90 countries. Ex Libris solutions are deployed at 43 of the top 50 universities worldwide and more than 40 national libraries.

With the Ex Libris Alma resource management service and Primo discovery and delivery solution, libraries lower operational costs, increase efficiency, and add value to their institution through diverse new services and collaboration with other libraries and organizations. The Ex Libris campusM mobile platform enables universities to deliver a unified digital experience, promoting student engagement while providing mobile access to campus-wide information and services.

Summary: Ex Libris announced that the Shanghai Library has adopted the Ex Libris Rosetta digital management and preservation solution, joining over 100 institutions worldwide that have chosen Rosetta.
Publication Year:2015
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 2, 2015
Publisher:Ex Libris
Company: Ex Libris
Products: Rosetta
Libraries: Shanghai Library

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