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Press Release: Insight Informatics [October 25, 2015]

You don’t need an app for that

In a digital era where being responsive – and all its implications – is at an all-time high, Insight Informatics's flagship library management platform, LIBERO, is taking no prisoners in the race for mobile supremacy.

Designing systems not destinations

It seems like only yesterday that apps were considered must-have technology, but how we experience content via our connected smart devices, including laptops, tablets, notebooks, is changing rapidly. The idea of an app as an independent destination is becoming less important; this burgeoning trend is what informs our product strategy.

Mobile since 2010 and operational with Windows 10, LIBERO features the inherent ability to run on any connected device. What this means is that because we developed it so that every part of the product could be used away from the traditional static console, it doesn't rely on the creation of standalone apps for any part of its mobile functionality base.

A brief showcase…

Take stock, wherever, whenever

It's quick, it's spontaneous. It's easy, it's versatile. But mainly, it's going to change the way you think about doing stocktake for good.

Ad-Lib, LIBERO's integrated stocktake functionality is proving a popular mobile addition in a number of LIBERO libraries, efficiently reducing the time and effort involved in all aspects of stock management.

LIBERO's scalable and touch-zoom screens adapt to any mobile device, plus it also integrates with Bluetooth scanners. And the notion that the system is fully web-based really does pave the way for the highly-desired ‘roving reference' capabilities in both administration and customer engagement practices.

WiDGET: A library in your pocket

Our libraries' customers also benefit from LIBERO's smartphone-friendliness. Doing away with conventional app downloads, which often ostracizes the less tech-savvy, users can simply access the WiDGET mobile OPAC on any smartphone or tablet and search the catalogue, reserve items and renew loans on the fly, as well as being able to access up-to-the-minute member services, library news and more.

Built on html5 technology, WiDGET updates are received seamlessly from the LIBERO database so there's no additional work required from staff, enabling a sustainable work place with heightened levels of customer service.

"LIBERO libraries are doing all kinds of interesting things via mobile," muses Insights Informatics CEO, Sam Patane, "everything from circulation to stocktake and inter-library loans.

"We're receiving positive feedback and will in turn continue to make sure our customers enjoy ongoing involvement in the LIBERO product roadmap to drive the productivity, accessibility and sustainability of their services."

About Insight Informatics Pty Ltd

Wholly Australian-owned Insight Informatics Pty Ltd has been developing industry-specialist information management solutions used by hundreds of corporations in Australia and overseas for since 1985.

Featuring fully web-based, integrated and customisable technology, LIBERO – our flagship library services platform – supports the objectives of thousands of public, academic and corporate library customers, staff and their organisations across Australia, Italy, Germany, Africa and the UK.

Our UNO Discovery Cloud provides singular, customisable and integrated search capabilities for any content, regardless of format or location.

CivicView is a web-based enterprise management solution that integrates operations across local government organisations.

We manage our international network of product distributors and 450+ customers from our headquarters in Brisbane, while our dedicated development and support teams are based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast of Queensland. Additional business, technology and support consultants are also deployed across Australia's East Coast, Europe and the Middle East.

Our products are backed by a complete range of specialist services that include project management, training, dedicated helpdesk, and consultation services, carried out by product, industry and IT experts. Our service range also incorporates hosting and managed services, providing clients the opportunity to outsource all their information technology and infrastructure requirements.

Summary: In a digital era where being responsive – and all its implications – is at an all-time high, Insight Informatics’s flagship library management platform, LIBERO, is taking no prisoners in the race for mobile supremacy.
Publication Year:2015
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 25, 2015
Publisher:Insight Informatics
Company: Insight Informatics

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