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Press Release: Ex Libris [June 1, 2015]

The Sixth Rosetta Advisory Group Meeting opens in Leuven, Belgium

Hamburg, Germany—June 01, 2015. Users of the Ex Libris Rosetta digital asset management and preservation solution are gathering this week at KU Leuven in Belgium for the sixth annual meeting of the Rosetta Advisory Group.

This year the meeting examines the ways in which Rosetta users manage and preserve complex collections as research data, archive records, and 3D architectural data. Contributions from Rosetta customers include presentations on the Rosetta format knowledge base and the path for certifying a digital preservation solution.

Sharing her deep experience in the field of preserving rare physical and digital assets, the keynote speaker Professor Lieve Watteeuw, from the Center for the Study of Medieval Art, KU Leuven, will present her insights on Medieval Manuscripts and Interactive 2D Imaging.

A highlight of the meeting will be a panel discussion on the future of digital preservation, and its challenges and opportunities. Moderated by Steve Knight, programme director for preservation research and consultancy at the National Library of New Zealand, and also chair of the Rosetta User Group, panel members include Michelle Lindlar, Technical Analyst at the German National Library of Science and Technology and Board Member of the Open Preservation Foundation; Edward M. Corrado, Associate Dean of Library Technology Planning and Policy at the University of Alabama; Dvir Hoffman, VP Product Management and Marketing at Ex Libris; and Josh Weisman, Rosetta Development Director at Ex Libris.

Jo Rademakers, head of LIBIS @ KU Leuven, commented: "It is a great pleasure to welcome the participants of the Rosetta Advisory Group to Leuven and to see so many new attendees this year. This is a great opportunity to talk about innovative ways of using Rosetta and exchange experiences and best practices."

"We are really looking forward to this year's Advisory and User Group meetings," added Steve Knight, chair of the Rosetta User Group. "These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for Rosetta customers to influence the Rosetta roadmap and to articulate our evolving requirements. They are a valuable expression of the close collaboration between Ex Libris and the user community, and we greatly appreciate the ongoing dialogue we enjoy with Ex Libris that enables this to happen."

Matti Shem Tov, President and CEO of Ex Libris, remarked: "I am delighted to see so many users of our Rosetta solution at this year's advisory group meeting, here in Leuven. This is a unique event at which people with extraordinary knowledge gather each year to share their experiences and support one another in their evolving use of Rosetta. We continue to learn a great deal from our user community both throughout the year and during this annual event, which has met in venues ranging from New York and Zurich to Jerusalem."

About KU Leuven / LIBIS

Situated in the heart of Western Europe, KU Leuven has been a center of learning for almost six centuries. Founded in 1425 by Pope Martin V, KU Leuven bears the double honor of being the oldest existing Catholic university in the world and the oldest university in the Low Countries. The university has over 41,000 students, about 7.700 of whom are international, and employs around 6.600 researchers. It teaches and supports research in Dutch and English and participates in the Erasmus international exchange program.

LIBIS is part of KU Leuven and offers services to a library network comprising 33 independent member organizations, which include universities, colleges, national and regional organizations, and two networks of public libraries. LIBIS hosts a full suite of Ex Libris solutions, including Aleph, Primo, and Rosetta.

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About Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a leading provider of automation solutions for academic, national, and research libraries. Offering the only comprehensive product suite for electronic, digital, and print materials, Ex Libris provides efficient, user-friendly products that serve the needs of libraries today and will facilitate their transition into the future. Ex Libris maintains an impressive customer base consisting of thousands of sites in more than 90 countries on six continents.

Dedicated to developing creative solutions in close collaboration with customers, Ex Libris enables libraries to maximize productivity and efficiency and, at the same time, greatly enhance the user experience. By empowering users to discover and obtain the information they need, libraries ensure their position as the bridge to knowledge.

Summary: Users of the Ex Libris Rosetta digital asset management and preservation solution are gathering this week at KU Leuven in Belgium for the sixth annual meeting of the Rosetta Advisory Group.
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