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Press Release: Jaywil Software Development [October 29, 2014]

ResourceMate introduces Reading Program Service Lexile Framework for Reading and Accelerated Reader integration into ResourceMate Extended and Premium

Guelph, Ontario, Canada October 30, 2014 Jaywil Software Dev. Inc.'s Instant access to Lexile scores and Accelerated Reader information

There is no need to export data to have it processed. When you add an item the scores are automatically retrieved.

The ResourceMate difference is that there are no annual reading service subscription fees for this instant access to Lexile scores and AR reading information. This is available to users of ResourceMate Extended, Extended network and Premium with up to date annual support.

" With this service schools and public libraries can obtain the information without the need to export their data to have it processed." says Brian Watson, President of Jaywil Software. "When items are added scores are automatically retrieved and all existing items can also be processed in a real time batch process. The isbn retrieval feature has an extended feature that will search Lexile and Accelerated Reader databases for those isbn's (including Scholastic) not found on LOC and other chosen sources."

Lexile and Accelerated Reader information leveling are great ways to find appropriate books for a reader.

Teachers know what works for students. That's why Accelerated Reader is the most widely used reading program in K12 schools and has been for years. The ATOS 2000 score is also accessed with the service.

The reading program service is now part of the already extensive annual support. Extended support is $116/yr and Premium is $223/yr. Support includes telephone and email support, ISBN retrieval feature, regularly released updates, 24/7 access to the Support & Troubleshooting section of as well as off-site backup service for all of your data!

"The OPAC has also changed," says Watson. "Now searching can be by Lexile score and/or AR reading level as well as the usual subject, author, title, keyword."

ResourceMate is a Windows based library automation software solution for cataloging, searching, circulating and reporting any type of collection. Serving over 10,000 users in a broad span of industries of which over 2,800 are schools or public libraries throughout North America and 63 countries. Further information is available at the company's web site (, through their toll-free number at 800-815-8370, and through several major library supply companies in Canada and the U.S.

Summary: Jaywil Software Dev. Inc.s Instant access to Lexile scores and Accelerated Reader information. There is no need to export data to have it processed. When you add an item the scores are automatically retrieved.
Publication Year:2014
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 29, 2014
Publisher:Jaywil Software Development
Company: Jaywil Software Development
Products: ResourceMate

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