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Press Release: OCLC [January 21, 2014]

LIBROS selects OCLC WorldShare Management Services

Dublin, Ohio -- January 21, 2014. LIBROS, the consortium that connects 16 academic libraries in New Mexico, has selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its new cloud-based library management system.

WorldShare Management Services is an integrated suite of library management applications—from acquisitions and circulation, to metadata and license management, resource sharing and analytics—designed to simplify and streamline workflows, reduce costs and create new value for libraries and their users.

LIBROS began as a consortium in 1987 with three institutions: University of New Mexico-Main Campus, University of New Mexico-School of Law, and New Mexico Tech University. The group has continued to grow, one-by-one, over the years. The most recent library to join was the Institute of American Indian Arts, in 2010. Today, LIBROS serves 16 academic libraries in New Mexico.

Rebecca Lubas, Director of Discovery, Acquisitions, and Consortial Services at the University of New Mexico, said WorldShare Management Services offers an environment that will make it possible for the library management system to grow along with the LIBROS consortium.

"Since WorldShare Management Services is cloud-based, the applications are continually enhanced by OCLC so we don't have to make system upgrades as we grow," said Ms. Lubas. "With that kind of flexibility, we hope this might be the last time we ever have to change library management systems."

Ms. Lubas said that WorldShare Management Services will help LIBROS focus on enhancing services rather than enhancing systems. She said the group is particularly interested in improving its resource sharing capability.

"LIBROS is the consortium that supports higher education libraries in New Mexico," said Ms. Lubas. "Our resource sharing process is not as smooth as we'd like it to be. Once we have a more flexible resource sharing capability, I think we will be able to provide more services to more libraries within the state."

WorldShare Management Services provide an integrated approach for library groups to share resources and innovation. The services can leverage the opportunities that come with shared data, infrastructure and community, and at the same time can preserve the autonomy, privacy and policy differences among members of a group.

"It was very important that our libraries retain some independence while we collaborate and share our system and resources," said Ms. Lubas. "We believe that WorldShare Management Services offered us the ability to do both."

"The WorldShare Management Services unique, ‘group aware' model allows libraries to share where they want to and maintain independence where they need to," said Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director, OCLC Networked Library Services. "It enables locally branded discovery, shared circulation and patron management among the group, with flexibility in circulation and holds policies, and complete autonomy in budget management, ordering and receiving."

LIBROS is currently working with OCLC staff in the implementation phase to move to WorldShare Management Services. The University of New Mexico is planning to go live with the services first, with the rest of LIBROS libraries to follow.

"We welcome LIBROS to the WorldShare community, and we look forward to working with each library to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud," said Mr. Pace.

More than 180 libraries on three continents—Australia, Europe and North America—are currently using OCLC WorldShare Management Services, which were released for general availability in July 2011. An additional 100 libraries have committed to using the new services.

More about OCLC WorldShare Management Services can be found on the OCLC website.

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Summary: LIBROS, the consortium that connects 16 academic libraries in New Mexico, has selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its new cloud-based library management system.
Publication Year:2014
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:January 21, 2014
Company: OCLC
Libraries: LIBROS

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