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Press Release: [October 21, 2013]

Koha 3.14.0 released

The Koha community is pleased to announce the release of version 3.14.0 of the Koha library automation system.

Koha 3.14.0 is a major functionality release that includes various new features, including:

  • A new default theme, "Bootstrap", for the public catalog interface. The Bootstrap theme provides a responsive design that works well both for desktop web browsers and mobile devices.
  • A new course reserves module.
  • A new offline circulation module that is entirely browser-based.
  • A revamp of the serials predication system which allows for significantly more flexibility in managing patterns.
  • The ability to create lists of patrons.
  • The ability to search for items to check out by keyword rather than barcode.
  • The ability to overlay item records during batch imports.
  • The ability to define rules (called MARC modification templates) for batch-modifying MARC records during import.
  • Numerous acquisitions workflow improvements, including the ability to move orders from one vendor to another, search acquisitions history, merge duplicate invoices, and get warnings if a new order would over-commit a fund.
  • Cataloging improvements including the ability to import authority record via Z39.50, the ability to merge authority records, and the ability to save and continue editing bib records.
  • Support for microdata in the OPAC to increase the visibility of your catalog to search engines.

There are also a number of under-the-hood improvements, including

  • Zebra DOM filter support for UNIMARC bib and authority records.
  • The introduction of an ORM, DBIx::Class.
  • Significantly improved unit test coverage.

And, as always, there are numerous bugfixes and minor improvements.

Koha can be downloaded from Debian packages of Koha 3.14.0 will be available shortly.

As release manager for Koha 3.14, I would like to thank everybody who contributed patches, documentation, testing, moral support, money, and time to the effort. Koha users both old and new should find 3.14 a tasty piece of π indeed.

Summary: The Koha community announced the release of version 3.14.0 of the Koha library automation system.
Publication Year:2013
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 21, 2013
Products: Koha

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