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Press Release: OCLC [October 18, 2013]

National Library of New Zealand reduces costs by moving Te Puna Interloan service to OCLC

DUBLIN, Ohio, 18 October 2013—The National Library of New Zealand is working with OCLC to improve interlibrary lending and reduce costs by moving the infrastructure of the national Te Puna Interloan network to the hosted version of OCLC's VDX resource sharing system.

OCLC's VDX document delivery and management system fully automates the requesting and supply of books and journal articles for libraries that use the Te Puna Interloan system. The National Library of New Zealand has selected OCLC to host and manage this system, which greatly reduces the organisation's administrative workload and reduces maintenance tasks. The national interlibrary loan infrastructure is now hosted in OCLC's data centre, with local support provided by OCLC staff, in Melbourne, Australia.

Eighty-eight percent of New Zealand libraries use Te Puna Interloan, including small public libraries, large university libraries and a variety of special libraries. The system generates approximately 102,000 requests per year and includes interlibrary loans between libraries in Australia and New Zealand. VDX facilitates Te Puna's interloan payment service, tracking the financial transactions between the supplying and requesting organisations, which enables the National Library to generate invoices. This move positions Te Puna Services and the National Library of New Zealand for additional next-generation technology.

"The OCLC Melbourne Office was very supportive throughout the whole process of migration and upgrade," said Kaye Foran, Customer Support Consultant (Te Puna), National Library of New Zealand. "They worked hard to provide the configurations we required and to adapt to the requirements of a wide range of libraries within New Zealand. They have continued to provide prompt and efficient service."

"OCLC continues to provide shared infrastructure for libraries around the globe. Within the past few years, we have seen libraries choosing OCLC for more than hosting services of their VDX systems," said Chris Thewlis, Regional Manager, OCLC Asia Pacific and Australia. "Libraries are finding efficiency and value in having the system provider also managing the process. OCLC has developed considerable expertise in managing systems, which was essential for supporting such a significant national infrastructure as Te Puna Interloan."

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More about OCLC's VDX service is at

About the National Library of New Zealand's Te Puna Services

Te Puna Services is a collection of online tools and services created by the National Library of New Zealand with the help of New Zealand librarians, to support daily tasks of searching, cataloguing, sharing resources and managing collections. Te Puna Services have been helping New Zealand libraries share resources, improve efficiencies and save on costs since the 1940s. Te Puna Services are available only to member libraries, and are delivered by the National Library with the aim of saving time, money and effort. These services are built around the New Zealand National Union Catalogue (NUC), a collaboration between New Zealand libraries and the National Library.

About OCLC

Founded in 1967, OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world's information and reducing library costs. More than 74,000 libraries in 170 countries have used OCLC services to locate, acquire, catalogue, lend, preserve and manage library materials. Researchers, students, faculty, scholars, professional librarians and other information seekers use OCLC services to obtain bibliographic, abstract and full-text information when and where they need it. OCLC and its member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the world's largest online database for discovery of library resources. Search on the Web. For more information, visit the OCLC website.

Summary: The National Library of New Zealand is working with OCLC to improve interlibrary lending and reduce costs by moving the infrastructure of the national Te Puna Interloan network to the hosted version of OCLC’s VDX resource sharing system.
Publication Year:2013
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 18, 2013
Company: OCLC
Products: VDX
Libraries: National Library of New Zealand
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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