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Press Release: Softlink International [August 22, 2013]

New Softlink primary school solution ‘to connect kids to literacy through BYOD/BYOT’ is coming to Australia and New Zealand

August 22, 2013 -- Today Softlink Chief Operating Officer Nathan Godfrey announced the company's latest innovation in primary education knowledge, content and library management solutions, Scout, would be released across Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

"Scout will captivate the imagination of young learners and get them ‘hooked on learning' from a young age," Nathan said. "From library to living room, Scout will transform primary school libraries into 21st century digital hubs for the benefit of the entire school community."

A revolutionary ePlatform, Scout has been engineered for modern digital devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPads, Android, Chrome Books and more).

Nathan said Softlink designed the solution to help primary educators meet the growing demand for student-driven elearning, and to support Bring Your Own Devices/Technology (BYOD/BYOT) strategies – ‘without the need for additional overheads'.

"Recent studies demonstrate that access to eResources helps students read," he said. "However, our primary schools, that are vital to the development of early learning skills in our children, are often required to deliver more services with far fewer resources."

"Scout offers schools a professional solution, easy to use for children and affordable for the school. Scout is colourful and search pages are customisable. Children will love it!"

Softlink Asia-Pacific Customer Relationship Director Hillary Noye said Scout provided a ‘kid-friendly' route into the world of learning.

"Scout helps schools manage multiple physical and digital resources through a single platform, integrating with eBooks, audiobooks, music, video content as well as SCOOTLE Learning Objects and other applications."

"Scout's seamless eBook integration enables students to click on an eBook icon and start reading from a list of available eBooks without having to leave the search page or visit the library."

Other student-friendly features include library physical resource location maps and book reviews. "A feature schools can use to encourage sharing and reading of resources among students," Hillary said.

"I am excited by the opportunities the junior platform will offer educators of early learners."

"Scout is another example of Softlink's commitment to develop solutions for the betterment of Australian and New Zealand education," he said.

If you are keen to launch your school into digital discovery and delivery of resources, you may not have long to wait. Scout is planned for release in Australia and New Zealand within the next few months.

Scout adds to Softlink's well established and reputable school suite of knowledge, content and library management solutions such as Oliver, Oliver Junior and OverDrive eBooks.

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About Softlink

Softlink is a world leading provider of knowledge, content and library management solutions. Softlink supports more than 10,000 libraries in more than 108 countries. For 30 years, Softlink has focused on developing technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness all types of information centres and libraries including School, Special, Public and Academic Libraries.

Summary: Softlink anounced its latest innovation in primary education knowledge, content and library management solutions, Scout, would be released across Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.
Publication Year:2013
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:August 22, 2013
Publisher:Softlink International
Company: Softlink International

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