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Press Release: Follett [June 4, 2013]

Follett’s Aspen to save NY School District money, improve communication

MCHENRY, Ill., June 4, 2013 – Comsewogue School District in New York's Suffolk County adopted Follett's Aspen Student Information System (SIS) because it will not only save taxpayer's money, but the SIS also will make the jobs of staff and teachers easier while boosting communication with parents.

"It will completely change the way we communicate in our district," said Dr. Joseph Rella, superintendent, Comsewogue School District. "It will be better for our teachers and allow them to spend more time teaching. And it will allow our parents to be involved like they've never been involved before."

Far more than a traditional SIS that allows school districts to manage their student data, Aspen links student information with curricular and educational tools in a single platform. It tracks class schedules, school events, overall student performance, athletic eligibility, and student health records. In addition, Aspen helps all members of a district stay connected, providing the ability to link administrators and staff to teachers, students and parents in a real-time, digital environment.

Dr. Rella said he and his district were not actively shopping for a new SIS when he was invited to an information meeting about the Aspen SIS near his district office held by Eastern Suffolk BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), which is an educational cooperative of 51 Long Island school districts. Eastern Suffolk BOCES had recently agreed to add Aspen to the list of five student management systems it makes available to its component districts, according to Hilna Zoob, program administrator of student data services for Eastern Suffolk BOCES.

Dr. Rella said Aspen represents a "one-stop shopping" opportunity for the district, and help them to consolidate what is now being done by no fewer than 10 different systems. Moreover, the Superintendent estimates his district will quickly recognize as much as $40,000 in savings by consolidating all their systems into one platform.

Further, Dr. Rella predicted his district's parents will appreciate Aspen's parent portal, helping them to be more engaged in their children's learning by being able to access grades, attendance and other key information.

Zoob noted Eastern Suffolk BOCES would have a fully certified support team in place that will be schooled in the operation of Aspen. "We are very pleased with the level of support that the Aspen Implementation team has afforded us and the care and attention to detail they have supplied in this process," she said. "Our support team is learning as much as possible and as quickly as possible in order to come up to speed for our districts."

"I'm going to learn Aspen right along with everyone else," Dr. Rella said. "It is vitally important for me to know it as well as anyone around here."

Comsewogue School District, located primarily in the Port Jefferson Station and Terryville areas of northern Brookhaven Town, has a student population of nearly 4,000 students, spread over six schools, including four elementary schools.

Summary: Comsewogue School District in New York’s Suffolk County adopted Follett’s Aspen Student Information System (SIS) because it will not only save taxpayer’s money, but the SIS also will make the jobs of staff and teachers easier while boosting communication with parents.
Publication Year:2013
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 4, 2013
Company: Follett
Products: Aspen Student Information System
Libraries: Comsewogue School District
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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