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Press Release: MuseGlobal, Inc. [February 21, 2013]

MuseGlobal partners with EduLib to offer smart connector central to extend education and library information discovery platform capabilities

San Francisco, Calif.—February 21, 2013. MuseGlobal, provider of award-winning content integration platforms worldwide, today announced a new development and marketing partnership with EduLib S.R.L. to offer MuseGlobal's 6,500+ Smart Connectors within EduLib's new Education and Library discovery product suite.

MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors will be available to EduLib customers and partners through a new service – MuseGlobal's SmartConnectCentral. A web-based portal, SmartConnectCentral will allow customers to select Smart Connectors from a growing library numbering more than 6,500. Once downloaded and configured, the Smart Connectors are immediately available for customers to use in searching or harvesting content within their education and library information and discovery environments, immediately expanding and enriching the knowledge available to the students, faculty and researchers who use their information discovery platforms.

Organizations Demand a More Comprehensive Search Solution

In a typical organization today, knowledge workers contend with an ever increasing amount of data from a wide variety of internal and external sources, and they must do so in an efficient manner. Modern discovery and search applications can access and index much of that data, but workers must nearly always employ additional search tools to find the content which their current information platforms cannot access – requiring them to jump from application to application in an inefficient workflow.

According to analyst group IDC, the solution to this challenge lies in new unified information access platforms which deliver "a single integrated point of access to multiple heterogeneous sources of information in order to discover patterns and relationships across them, as well as to improve information worker efficiency and understanding."

MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors, which search, aggregate and transform content in any format, on any system and at any location, will enable SmartConnectCentral to power these new information platforms to unite access to all data sources — unstructured content, semi-structured data and structured data — and normalize data across all sources and formats.

MuseGlobal's SmartConnectCentral Works Seamlessly to Integrate Search Results in new Information Discovery Platforms

"Having MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors available from the SmartConnectCentral portal allows EduLib customers and partners to broaden the scope of real-time information made available within their current search and discovery applications" said CEO Mihai Popa for EduLib. "Enabling plug-and-play integration of targeted content from social media, digital news, and other unstructured or semi-structured data source, seamlessly extends the capabilities of today's discovery platforms in a way that is transparent yet immediately beneficial to the end user."

"EduLib and MuseGlobal jointly recognized an opportunity to extend the reach of today's current information platforms by making it possible to include a wider range of content within the discovery experience," said Kristina Bivins, CEO, MuseGlobal.

"We are delighted to collaborate with EduLib in developing and marketing SmartConnectCentral to make more data readily available for indexing and searching, and enabling the information discovery work of end users to be more effective than ever before."

For more details on SmartConnectCentral, please email or

About EduLib, S.R.L.

EduLib is a privately held software development company located in Craiova, România.

EduLib offers high-quality, multi-platform software products that cover a wide area of customer needs. We make use of our solid software expertise for more than 14 years to design and develop powerful and reliable software platforms, tools and utilities, targeted from administrators and software developers to Enterprise, Education and Library Information Discovery.

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

MuseGlobal is a leader in content harvesting and federation technologies with the world's largest inventory of 6,500+ Smart Connectors. MuseGlobal Smart Connectors support public and private cloud-based deployments and are designed to be seamlessly included in any unified information access or search based application solution to enable real-time data integration and transformation from any source.

Summary: MuseGlobal, provider of award-winning content integration platforms worldwide, announced a new development and marketing partnership with EduLib to offer MuseGlobal's 6,500+ Smart Connectors within EduLib’s new Education and Library discovery product suite.
Publication Year:2013
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:February 21, 2013
Publisher:MuseGlobal, Inc.
Company: MuseGlobal, Inc.
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