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Press Release: Bibliotheca [September 12, 2012]

Isle of Wight Council deploy Bibliotheca's new shared services solution

Leading provider of library technology solutions, Bibliotheca, deploys its new shared services software, mycommunity, in two of the largest library sites on the Isle of Wight (UK), allowing them to extend their service offering to the local community.

mycommunity, which is designed to be used with Bibliotheca's smartserve 400 self-service kiosk and payment station, allows members of the public to pay for a range of council services using cash and Chip and PIN at their local library – making it a ‘one-stop' location for all services and a focal point within its community. From council tax to the reporting of pot holes, mycommunity gives residents the ability to interact directly with their authority via their local library service.

The installation, which is taking place at Ryde and Lord Louis (Newport) libraries, allows users to pay for council tax and vehicle charges all under one roof, through their existing self-service kiosks – negating the need to purchase additional hardware. The installation is the first of its kind in the UK and is intended to increase the libraries' footfall and contribute towards the Council's annual self-service targets.

Commenting on the decision to install mycommunity, Rob Jones, Head of Library Services, states: "The ability to pay council bills on the self-service terminals was an integral part of our RFID procurement process. mycommunity is so easy to use, and as it is just another add-on to our Chip and PIN payments there is no need for staff training, just a simple demonstration of the software. The Council's aim is to encourage our customers to use self-service wherever possible; mycommunity provides a very simple way for the Library Service to support the Council's aims as well as encouraging new customers into our libraries."

Darren Ratcliffe, Bibliotheca's UK Managing Director, commented: "Bibliotheca is committed to developing new and innovative solutions that allow our library customers to extend the self-service offer to their patrons. In the current challenging political and financial climate, libraries have the opportunity to cement their position in the centre of the community, but with that comes pressure to offer an ever-increasing range of services. mycommunity allows the Library Authority to offer council payment services using existing self-service kiosks, therefore significantly reducing overheads for very little capital outlay. Bibliotheca is delighted to be working with Isle of Wight Council and Isle of Wight Library Services as part of this ground breaking initiative and look forward to working together to extend the services offered in the future."

The project was completed in July 2012 and involved Bibliotheca working extensively with Capita, the Council's chosen payment service provider, to ensure that all systems aligned and were fully integrated. Bibliotheca has a longstanding partnership with Capita and has worked on a range of library projects over the last two years.

Such has been the success of the project, Isle of Wight have already commissioned Bibliotheca to install the software at a further four council run libraries in November this year.

For more information on mycommunity and a demonstration of the software on the Isle of Wight's smartserve 400 kiosks please visit our mycommunity page.

About Bibliotheca

Bibliotheca is the world's largest company dedicated to the development, deployment and support of library technology solutions, designed to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service. We focus on public, private and academic library markets. Our reach extends across the globe, with direct operational offices in North America, Europe and Australia, together with a range of distributors covering Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are proud to work with over 3,500 unique library sites with a deployed equipment range in excess of 5,000 individual self-service units and over 100 automated materials handling (sorter) systems. In satisfying this range of customers, Bibliotheca has deployed well over 200 million RFID labels to the library sector alone, and continues to supply in excess of 50 million each year.

Summary: Bibliotheca deployed its new shared services software, mycommunity, in two of the largest library sites on the Isle of Wight (UK), allowing them to extend their service offering to the local community.
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:September 12, 2012
Company: Bibliotheca
Products: mycommunity
Libraries: Isle of Wight
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