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Press Release: Talis [August 8, 2012]

University of Nottingham selects Talis Aspire to provide reading-lists to a global community of students

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 8th August 2012.Talis Education Ltd is delighted to announce that the University of Nottingham has selected Talis as its reading-list technology partner.

The university has selected Talis Aspire the market-leading reading-list solution - to play an essential part in the development and implementation of its global student experience strategy. Once implemented, the university will be giving its 40,000 students powerful options for accessing curated reading-lists and interacting with their lecturers, the library and campus bookstores.

Christine Middleton, Head of Academic Services at the University said: "The University strives to offer an equivalent learning experience to all students regardless of location, and access to an online reading-list system is fundamental to this."

She added that: "Talis Aspire offers the opportunity to upgrade to a functionally rich system which will appeal to today's students whilst being underpinned by comprehensive and effective administrative workflows."

Dave Errington, CEO of Talis Education Ltd, commented: "We are proud to be able to deliver a secure, dependable solution to the University of Nottingham - and to be helping them to deliver a better student experience to their global learners."

About University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham offers research-led teaching and learning to students on a global basis. Nearly 8,000 students study on campuses in China and Malaysia in addition to the international community of 32,000 students studying in the UK.

More about the university:

About Talis Education Ltd

Talis Education Ltd is a subsidiary of Talis Group Ltd a privately owned innovation company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The company works with partners in Higher Education to develop Talis Aspire the market-leading reading-list management solution. The company's innovative technology has transformed the learning experience of many thousands of students in the UK and Australia.

Summary: Talis Education Ltd announced that the University of Nottingham has selected Talis as its reading-list technology partner.
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:August 8, 2012
Company: Talis
Products: Talis Aspire
Libraries: University of Nottingham

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