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Press Release: Kuali Foundation [July 27, 2012]

KFS is Live at UConn

The Kuali Foundation is proud to announce University of Connecticut has "gone live" with Kuali Financial System. Vince Schimizzi, KFS Functional Council Chair, writes, "The KFS community is pleased and proud of our partners at the University of Connecticut. Their implementation model is increasingly becoming commonplace for KFS. They engaged one of our commercial affiliates as well as individual members of the overall community. This mix of knowledge and experience has proven beneficial for all parties involved and strengthens the community bonds that will build over time." The functional council was impressed with rSmart's work with UConn's implementation. The consultants they made available are WELL versed in the functional and technical details of the system and made a huge difference in pulling the project together.

Charles Eaton, the University's Controller and Kuali Project Executive Director, applauds UConn's success: "With a lot of hard work and dedication by our UConn staff; our commercial affiliate rSmart; the support of our Governance Council members; and the Kuali community at large, UConn is officially live in production with the Kuali Financial System. KFS is now the financial management system at the University of Connecticut."

Eaton states: "There have been many challenges along our journey to today and I am sure there are many unforeseen issues we will be addressing in the next few weeks and months. However, the fact remains that KFS is now the financial management system at the University of Connecticut and we would like to thank the University and Kuali communities for their support in getting us to this day." After completing the transfer of most financial data from its legacy system, Financial Records Systems (FRS), the University has been given access to the production system.

Summary: The Kuali Foundation announced that the University of Connecticut has gone live with Kuali Financial System.
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:July 27, 2012
Publisher:Kuali Foundation
Company: Kuali Foundation
Products: Kuali Financial System
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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