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Press Release: Book Systems [May 28, 2012]

Grand Forks 18 Schools In North Dakota implement Booktracks

The implementation of Booktracks totally supports the vision statement:

Grand Forks Technology Vision Statement

The Grand Forks Public Schools believe technology is an integral component of learning and is necessary to learn effectively, live productively and participate globally in an increasingly digital world. Technology resources transform learning by allowing learners to create, publish, collaborate and communicate with others in a global environment. Technology helps learners gather and analyze information, solve problems and develop higher-level thinking skills through authentic real-world experiences.

Teachers will be able to track textbooks and assets from their computers. Reports can be

generated to see where extra copies of textbooks can be found saving time and money.

The software is easy to use and the benefits are great.

About Book Systems, Inc.

Book Systems, Inc. cost-effective, feature-rich library and textbook and asset management software that delivers solutions to libraries and schools of all sizes. Booktracks, our Web-based textbook management solution, was designed to protect one of the district's most valuable assets - textbooks. Our software is suited to fit the needs of the textbook coordinator in a technology-driven world, while still being easy to learn and user-friendly. Booktracks offers easy-to-use Self Check Out and Self Check In Stations, quick cataloging, and standard and customizable reports. Book Systems is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. The company's philosophy is very simple: create quality products; test them with input and direction from textbook coordinators in the field; and back them up with renowned customer service and support. Further information is available at and

Summary: Grand Forks 18 Schools In North Dakota implement Booktracks
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 28, 2012
Publisher:Book Systems
Company: Book Systems
Products: BookTracks
Libraries: Grand Forks 18 Schools
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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