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Press Release: Ex Libris [May 17, 2012]

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to cover the Kotar Library and RAMBI

Jerusalem, Israel—May 17, 2012. Ex Libris Group, a world leader in the provision of library automation solutions, is pleased to announce that the Kotar online library and RAMBI, the Index of Articles on Jewish Studies, have made their diverse, authoritative content searchable in the Primo Central Index.

The Primo Central Index, offered as a cloud-based service to hundreds of libraries around the globe, is an integral part of the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution. As a one-stop service, Primo enables users to fulfill their information needs by exploring their library's locally managed collections along with global and regional resources indexed in Primo Central, and to obtain one blended, relevance-ranked result list.

Kotar is an innovative combination of a digital library of e-books published in Hebrew and a customized work environment, which has been developed by Israel's Center for Educational Technology in collaboration with the country's leading publishers. The full text of Kotar's e-book and journal collections is now indexed in Primo Central.

RAMBI is a selective bibliography of scholarly articles in all fields of Jewish studies, the history and geography of the Land of Israel and the State of Israel. Material in RAMBI is compiled from thousands of periodicals and collections in Hebrew, Yiddish, and European languages and is drawn mainly from the collections of the National Library of Israel.

Sylviane Stampfer, head of RAMBI at the National Library of Israel, noted: "Broadening the exposure of users to accurate scholarly content is our primary goal. RAMBI's authoritative listings of scholarly articles are used by researchers around the world; indexing of our bibliography by Primo Central will provide seamless discovery of our content for an even wider range of users."

"We are very pleased that our resources will be available to researchers via the Primo Central Index," commented Gila Ben Har, CEO of Kotar. "The growing collection of e-books and journals offered by Kotar provides a unique insight into modern scholarship in the fields of Israeli history, culture, and social sciences. The greater visibility provided by Primo Central will be an enormous help to students and researchers."

David Beychok, vice president of discovery and delivery solutions at Ex Libris, remarked: "We are delighted to include both the Kotar library and the RAMBI bibliography in the content indexed by Primo Central. The addition of these resources offers great value to scholars of biblical and Israel-related subject matter and leads the way for other publishers in these fields to submit their materials for Primo Central coverage."

About Kotar Library

A collaboration of leading Israeli publishers, Kotar is a large collection of reference materials, scholarly books, biographies, and other materials related to Israeli and Jewish topics. Kotar aims to provide students, teachers, and scholars with the best sources of information published over the last 50 years in Hebrew, along with an online work environment. Kotar resources span Israel studies; Israeli culture, literature, history, education, and sociology; and other selected topics in the humanities and social sciences.

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RAMBI (the Index of Articles on Jewish Studies) is a selective bibliography of articles in Jewish studies and the study of the Land and State of Israel. Most of the articles listed are from materials held by the National Library of Israel, a world center for research on the Jewish people and Israel. The main criterion for inclusion in the bibliography is that the article be based on scientific research or contain important information for such research. Since the inception of this bibliographic project in 1966, the editorial board has striven to include all of the important articles published throughout the world in the field of Jewish studies.

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About Ex Libris Group

Ex Libris is a leading provider of automation solutions for academic, national, and research libraries. Offering the only comprehensive product suite for electronic, digital, and print materials, Ex Libris provides efficient, user-friendly products that serve the needs of libraries today and will facilitate their transition into the future. Ex Libris maintains an impressive customer base consisting of thousands of sites in more than 80 countries on six continents.

Dedicated to developing creative solutions in close collaboration with customers, Ex Libris enables libraries to maximize productivity and efficiency and, at the same time, greatly enhance the user experience. By empowering users to discover and obtain the information they need, libraries ensure their position as the bridge to knowledge.

Summary: Ex Libris announced that the Kotar online library and RAMBI, the Index of Articles on Jewish Studies, have made their diverse, authoritative content searchable in the Primo Central Index.
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 17, 2012
Publisher:Ex Libris
Company: Ex Libris
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